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Yes.. whatsapping is a new term that caught up in the recept past. Just like facebooking, orkutting, myspacing..oh wait is that publicly acceptable lingo? oh well.. we use it all the time..like

When some one asks me what are you doing?

I say either facebooking or whatsapping.. *sigh*  

Ever since I installed whats app on “my smart phone” .. i’ve started whatsapping with people that I never thought would get back in touch with. I must have only spoken to few over the phone but now I see their picture and replace my imaginary picture with real one.

It is also irritating when some one looks at “Last Seen time” and complain that I did not reply back.. oh well.. with great things comes silliest problems too.

Overall.. I am addicted and this picture that has been circulating widely on whats app lately been whatsapped to me as well.. 


I definitely need to visit this whatsapp de-addiction center..Do you think you need tooo as well?