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My new found obsession – Crossword Puzzles & More

Crossword Puzzle ????

Crossword Puzzle ????

As you very well know, if one needs to work in newyork city, there is some commute time involved until unless you live a block or two away from your work place. I have about 25 -30 minutes commute in the train one-way every day. It is very hard to stay calm while you are underground and the turbulence s that occur make me feel as if there is a problem and I may be stuck for an extra 30 minutes. Sometimes, I get very restless and eager to get out of the train.

So, to utilize the time, I either play games on mobile, read books or if at all I come across some nice co-passenger ..I would chat.. (well, this is a rare one, most of them do not like to be disturbed or I am so tired to start a conversation for such short period). In the recent past, I have been grabbing a free news’ paper called AM New York and try to solve the crossword and sudoko. Crossword is bit difficult for me, sometimes I do well and other times I can not get more than 10 words right. I get this puzzle to work and everyone during our lunch time chips in their knowledge.. and in case of getting stuck and going no further, then we cheat by googling for the solution online.

Yes, I have a crossword puzzle app on phone, but I enjoy doing it on paper more than on the phone.

I am addicted, I do not want to do work from home just for this sometimes. The paper is available for grabs from monday-to-friday and you can see the solutions next day. It is addictive and improves your vocabulary and sometimes general knowledge about certain things.

All you dear readers, who commute longer for work – what do you do during your commute ?

New York Subways! –Little bit of History

Subway is an underground public rail transit in New York City serving 4 of 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx. Staten Island is not connected to New York subway system.

Also, did you know that subways in New York City are addressed as “the Tube” in “Greater London”? I learned this from a cousin of mine who lived in London and asked me if I travel in “The Tube”.. and guess what my instant reaction was – you meant you tube? And that’s when he ended up briefing me on underground rail system of London. Want to know more about them.

Click here for London Tube

Click here for New York City Subways

London probably one of the oldest underground system opened in 1863, whereas America in 1904. I happened to visit a museum in New York.  Particularly, some historical aspects of New York City attracted my attention and here is what you are going to see the progress of trains re-modeled over a period of 75 years (1904- 1975). I am sure there might have been some more technological advancement in last 40 years as well but I guess the museum was not updated yet.

Subway Trains in first 75 Years

Here is glimpse of what trains used to be pre-Air Conditioner days. Yes, they had fans and more space in a block. Now surely, the space seems compressed a bit.


Trains back in those days – Can you see the Fans?

Although, not very clear image, it sure gives an outline of the Underground Architecture of New York City as a whole.


It still amazes me every time I look at the subway system and part me is scared of collapse that if happens in subway or in New York City due to any possible reason – surely, there is no escape… it is after all an concrete jungle.