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Day 18 : Illustrations

Learned about sketching in one the blog that I regularly follow, she is one of my favorite author from India that I tend to follow her blog. She is into many things, and the art on her instagram got me interested to try it out.  I cannot add it to my resolution list as this is one of the many experimental hobbies that I pursue. I ended up drawing something with my regular pen on a paper and applied water colors to it, the result was not too bad but not good either to show off my first art in the longest possible time. Ok, I was a decent painter when I was a kid and am proud of myself to say that my younger cousins imitated my every doing are now a better artists than I am. Imitation is the biggest flattery, isn’t?  This lead me to looking into beginner level tutorials for sketching, and that is when I landed on fashion illustration.

I thought, if I am starting new, why not take up fashion sketching and experiment with it. I ended up watching quite a handful videos and realized it is not as easy as I thought. To get the body proportions in itself is a quite a measured art that comes naturally after so much of practicing. Then comes, the style with which a model poses, and the type of dress you choose to adorn that figure is another challenging. Once you perfect these two, then comes the lighting, shading and coloring and that requires you to understand the science behind lighting and shadow. The curls, folds, wind, sheer clothing, stiff clothing and essentially you can go as far as close to taking a picture. Since, this is all an imagination, it get’s difficult, and no wonder becoming fashion designer is not that easy. Of course, technology is advanced and it has become easier than ever to draw it online and give specification of light source, style and dress, it will adjust to the desired one, and more importantly it’s faster.

So, every hobby that I have taken up or want to do sounds like I am swimming in a Ocean. This is difficult. I rather be jack of all trades than master of at least one to some extent. There, I still cannot nail down and say I like a thing and I want to continue. What am I passionate about? I guess, I’ll still be figuring out in my 80’s provided if I have my mental and physical abilities in tact. Any fashionista’s here? to be precise people who sketch?

I’ll just focus on basic sketching of stand still models with fancy gowns that I wish to wear. I am not a big fan of clutter and I am no model to get such variety to wear, I’ll live in my art, my imagination is not that great either. I’ll start with copying simpler one’s and then if I still hold interest, will come back with my artsy stuff to flaunt here. And most importantly, with one art that I drew this morning, definitely therapeutic for my rest less mind.

Any artists here? Would love to see your sketches or illustrations. Please leave me a link to your art work.


Day 4: Fridays and Possibilities

For some reason, friday reminds me of this song – “It’s friday by Rebecca“, forwarded by a friend of mine few years back. The song is so cheery and reminds you of school days. Now, when you get to adulthood and for a procrastinator like me, every small house hold chores that adds up over time is successfully postponed as a weekend activity. That is one thing, I would never look forward to do in the weekend.  Actually, who does?

If you were a regular reader of my blog, you would have already read about my struggle with managing home, work and life in general. It is very chaotic. I can never ever feel I am done and have time this weekend. Despite, the time management issues, I have some how managed to sneak in to attend few classes here and there to satiate my curiosity for new things. If for any reason, if I end up being out and about partying over friday, my chores eventually get postponed to following weekend and so on, until they pile up leading to high-stress levels.

You might question as to how going out on friday spoils my entire weekend? you see, I go out on friday, leading to coming home very late into night, that leads to a lazy saturday and sure day slips by. And at times, I have to catch up with friends on saturday and that leads to late sunday. By then, I would just have enough time to get around to laundry and may be grocery shopping. That’s about it. That is one of the main reason why I am forcing myself to do morning yoga. That to some extent forces to me to utilize my day. If I were to look at it objectively, those are clearly excuses and an easy way out. At times, there are few weekends with active social life and also a lot more get’s accomplished.

How do you typically spend your fridays? or weekends? I almost feel like i am stuck in a rat-race in a not-so-beneficial-cycle-of-lifestyle. There is this movie that I watched recently called “Last Holiday”, where in the main character has a book called “Possibilities” of things that she wished to do. Eventually, those things happen. I know it is a movie and obviously everything will happen as they plan to. Happy ending. Who does not like such a beautiful ending?. Although, reality is far from different, but i like the idea of jotting down list of possibilities.  Did any one read “The Secret” by “Rhonda Byrne? it talks about keeping positive intentions and truly believe that you get what you wish for. For that matter, any one who prays for something very intensely and get’s it? I feel, there is some science behind it, that we tend to do things in that direction. Having faith and effort to achieve those goals make you want to not give up until you get it. I will start with realistic and achievable list of possibilities for just today and this weekend in particular. Call it a list making and if that helps, why not?

Any takers or believers in such things? Did that work for you?

P.S: It is part of 500 word challenge, one of the rule is to not edit as you write. So, pardon me with all the mistakes. Your feedback/comments are greatly appreciated.


Day 2 : Time is constant

Don’t you think that time is constant per any given day?  Yet, the things we want to accomplish vary, in fact it sounds endless always. I am in this situation almost all the time. I have been learning about the importance of certain things much later in life. Better late than never really applies in certain situations. One really need to know or perhaps write down what the most important things  one want to accomplish or continue to work on,  be it in personal or professional life and everywhere else where ever it deems fit.

It is foolish that we think we have unlimited time on earth and yet we take time for granted. Don’t we all? Some of you may be exceptional. I have failed to understand this very basic point in life, not that I understood now, but it nails down to that.  Even, if I think time is constant, I tend to do many things at a time and fail at them terribly.

For instance, for the love of dancing and that I have never danced in life, wanted to master  in 3 different forms of dances at the same time. So, I went ahead and enrolled in all the three of them and went to 5 classes of hour long each and an hour one-way commute. Given that, I don’t even do any sort of physical exercises, I ended up in hospital that very week for straining my neck and unbearable back pain. Dear doctor suggested that I visit spinal cord specialist and gave medicine for relieving muscle spasms.  For the fear of any possible surgery, physical therapy or of after-math out of pocket expenses in my mind, I did not entertain any of those options. Eventually, I recovered. But, that took me over 6 months. And all the class packages that I got were expired.  Time, money and health all went into drain all at once.

Did I learn anything from there? Not much, I still continue to do many things at a time. But, I tend to forget that for everything that is on plate requires energy and motivation. We are not robots and cannot function at 100% all the time. Yet, we over estimate our capacities and over load ourselves without factoring in on all other factors that contribute for energy and time drainers.  Do you agree?

How many of you my dear readers follow the principle of doing one thing at a time? Or in a situation where I currently belong?

With that in mind, I hope to focus on one thing at a time. Moreover, research also says that doing one thing at a time is more efficient than multiple things at once. I would like to extend this philosophy to my personal, professional and any other lives that I tend to live. Most importantly, getting important things despite it drains my energy and momentum out of me. It sure does not sound easy, and I am going to give my best to follow the path I set forth for myself. One thing done is one less thing to worry about. Slowly but steadily, I’ll get there soon enough.

P.S: It is part of 500 word challenge, one of the rule is to not edit and of course, I followed the rules and wrote what ever came to my mind today.

Distractions – everywhere

I woke up very early this morning hoping to get my work done and be free of any mental taxing this weekend.

Oh I have had plans to go visit a friend this weekend.


I ended up using every minute of my  precious time  browsing blogs, watching you tube videos, reading some random articles, browsing through unknown profiles on facebook.. you know your friend clicked like on some of their family or friends and I end up navigating up there.

At the end of the day – my day goes “Useless” without any real productive work.. and I end up slacking until deadline approaches.. there I go.. start panicking, getting tensed and use up my “Supposed to be fun-filled weekend” to work on the stuff that I have successfully procrastinated.

This repeats constantly on and off until unless I have some serious travelling lined up.  This entry should serve me as the beginning to treat my time as valuable and I should be relieved at the end of the day.  The day I am the most productive, be it at work or returning any emails, finishing any paper work or staying in touch with my friends and family..  is the day I sleep happily.

How does it work for you all? I am seriously on my way to change the way I deal with my time. I want to do more meaningful and be very productive at work and home.  Most importantly I must learn to avoid all the distractions that consume my time.



Every second you spend thinking about what you don’t want in your life is a second denying focus and energy from getting what you do want.

Every minute you worry about what’s not working is a minute drawn away from creating what will work.

And every hour spent reflecting on the disappointments of the past is an hour stolen from seeing the possibilities that your future holds.

Eventually, you’ll see more of what you look for. Clarity precedes mastery and the more clearly you will look for what you want, the more powerfully you will generate that result in your life.

-(Excerpts from Robin Sharma’s book)

Travelling in Era’s – Back then and Now

Have you ever thought if we lost some amazing technological advancements to time?

Airplane (Vimana) back in that era

Airplane (Vimana) back in that era

There is a strong belief that, we have had more amazing technology back then (may be few era’s back), we have lost all in time and trying to re-discover it. For instance, airplane, space crafts, ability to travel between various planets in galaxy or travelling to desired location within a split second, nuclear technology for better or worse, transforming physical body into anything one wishes, cloning 100 kids from one fetus of an human and those face time  chats back in that era. I am quoting all these from “so called” Mythological history of ancient India – Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Bridge between India and Srilanka

Bridge between India and Srilanka

For instance, researchers are still trying to find the bridge that was constructed between Srilanka and India during ‘Ramayana’ Era to get Sita who is Lord Rama’s wife been abducted by Devil Ravana and kept in an island “Lanka”. It could be true they might have had it but due to Pangaea it might have shrunken with this small island started drifting apart and India is moving up towards north increasing the height of highest mountain Mount Everest in Himalayas.

Since there is very little evidence of such great epic, it is hard to convince people. This creativity is more or less can be compared to Star Wars movies. They call it all an exaggeration but truly, when Wright Brothers initially expressed their intentions to construct a flight to fly in the air, they were only laughed at that concept. Now, after more than 100 years of their initial experimentation, we have come so far as to.. not only we could travel practically anywhere on the earth but also to nearest Planets.  Such is the Innovation. As we speak about it, they recently posted another idea of high speed transportation from NY to LA, 3000 miles apart would take just 45 minutes only (current flight time is 6 hrs).. This still is in Conceptual stage but I believe it could be a reality one day.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla MotorsPaypal and SpaceX products, his idea of travelling from New York to Los Angeles (approx. 3000 miles apart) in just 45 minutes (yes, yes.. you heard it right) has been featured in CNN (Click here) and ever since it only increased my curiosity. I wish if I understood dynamics behind this concept.. unfortunately, I was not even remotely decent with physics.

Boarding into capsule like transportation

Boarding into capsule like transportation

Brief excerpt from CNN: A massive vacuum tube — mounted either above ground or even under water — would be combined with a magnetic levitation system used on conventional bullet trains. That means no friction, no wind resistance, no chance of collisions, and insanely high speeds. 

Infrastructure - above or below the ground

Infrastructure – above or below the ground

Here is Elon Musk for you to view.

elon musk

Facebook Time

How many times have you looked at facebook messages, comments, likes, posts, pictures of friends and unknown people and browsing your time away?

Time is Precious

Time is Precious
(Courtesy – Google Images Search)

I bet facebook is very addictive and to an extent that you make least effort to meet people in person or at least speak on phone.  And yes, the messages in facebook propagates much faster than news now-a-days, rather let’s name any social media options  like twitter, pintrest, myspace, linkedin, google plus and their seamless integration and cross posts have reached masses more than ever before.

I like this virtual connectivity, bringing people much closer and giving you the breadth and width of required information, meeting long lost friends, providing a platform to express your opinions out loud to the world, helping entrepreneurs market and sell their products providing employment to many by making life and business much simpler.

Social Media

Social Media
(Courtesy – Google Images Search)

With good comes bad, if not used properly.. all of your time would be washed away browsing  facebook, pintrest or any other social media sites. Anything extreme is not good. I have had my share of fun connecting with my friends, family and knowing what they are unto and spending hours reading random posts by  unknown people, friends activity history or family pictures by being a silent spectator and impulse to reply immediately when some one messages me. Thanks to smart phones that will always let you connect with people.. well really?  I, like many other addicts would simply go onto facebook on mobile and spend time as if that is my ONLY job.

People always show best of them on Facebook and so am I.. everyone is under illusion that every one is having great time and it bothers you more when you are in down time. In fact, statistics shows that people who browse facebook often are more depressed when they see other people being happy.  Irrespective of any of it, as long as you use it in limited fashion.. it is a great tool to connect with people.

I decided to part away with it until I control the urge to constantly open it. It has been 3 months and I used “Facebook time” for better purpose of “Reading books” and working on “Changing my life Style for better”. I might consider myself to be getting better at reading more books and read almost 14 books in 3-months which is quite an achievement for me and still working on the later one. And now, I rather call up my close family/friends than staying connected over facebook.

Dear facebook, I love you but not so much that it overtakes my life.

What do you think about facebook?