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un-fancy capsule wardrobe

Just when I thought, I am done with organizing my closet and put a freeze on purchasing for 2 years, I came across an interesting website. As I still suffer from excessism (did I just invent this term??, not really, google tells me that there is quite a bit of usage of this term), this website gave me a beautiful idea.

This website un-fancy.com will help me solve my problem in some way – she is a minimalist, fashionista, not an extremist. She has her 37-piece capsule wardrobe for every season. She has a budget and buys her clothes every season if required. Once the season ends, she packs most of them away, roll over to next season or gives it away if they are bit worn out.

I just loved her concept, not that I will follow her 37 piece concept, but I liked the idea of dividing my clothes into seasons. I will take it up once I am done with high-level of de-cluttering around the home.

One step at a time. Just the concept makes me feel good about having to choose from less.

It snows here

Snow Snow

Snow Snow

Snow time again.. as much as I am excited about it, but it is also scary to walk on these slippery roads with snow turning into icy patch.

It only reminds me of childhood poem on rain that is replaced with snow..

Snow Snow go away

Come again another day!