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Day 18 : Illustrations

Learned about sketching in one the blog that I regularly follow, she is one of my favorite author from India that I tend to follow her blog. She is into many things, and the art on her instagram got me interested to try it out.  I cannot add it to my resolution list as this is one of the many experimental hobbies that I pursue. I ended up drawing something with my regular pen on a paper and applied water colors to it, the result was not too bad but not good either to show off my first art in the longest possible time. Ok, I was a decent painter when I was a kid and am proud of myself to say that my younger cousins imitated my every doing are now a better artists than I am. Imitation is the biggest flattery, isn’t?  This lead me to looking into beginner level tutorials for sketching, and that is when I landed on fashion illustration.

I thought, if I am starting new, why not take up fashion sketching and experiment with it. I ended up watching quite a handful videos and realized it is not as easy as I thought. To get the body proportions in itself is a quite a measured art that comes naturally after so much of practicing. Then comes, the style with which a model poses, and the type of dress you choose to adorn that figure is another challenging. Once you perfect these two, then comes the lighting, shading and coloring and that requires you to understand the science behind lighting and shadow. The curls, folds, wind, sheer clothing, stiff clothing and essentially you can go as far as close to taking a picture. Since, this is all an imagination, it get’s difficult, and no wonder becoming fashion designer is not that easy. Of course, technology is advanced and it has become easier than ever to draw it online and give specification of light source, style and dress, it will adjust to the desired one, and more importantly it’s faster.

So, every hobby that I have taken up or want to do sounds like I am swimming in a Ocean. This is difficult. I rather be jack of all trades than master of at least one to some extent. There, I still cannot nail down and say I like a thing and I want to continue. What am I passionate about? I guess, I’ll still be figuring out in my 80’s provided if I have my mental and physical abilities in tact. Any fashionista’s here? to be precise people who sketch?

I’ll just focus on basic sketching of stand still models with fancy gowns that I wish to wear. I am not a big fan of clutter and I am no model to get such variety to wear, I’ll live in my art, my imagination is not that great either. I’ll start with copying simpler one’s and then if I still hold interest, will come back with my artsy stuff to flaunt here. And most importantly, with one art that I drew this morning, definitely therapeutic for my rest less mind.

Any artists here? Would love to see your sketches or illustrations. Please leave me a link to your art work.


Dissolving anger ? How ?

Does everyone have the ability to solve the problem under any given situation? I have my doubts about myself. If there is a problem, how does a person react?  I do not know how to solve it? I panic and I get defensive and start yelling at them for ruining my time and in turn I become so miserable for longer time interval.

Unfortunately, I only yell at people who are close to my heart and know for sure that they will not hold grudges against me for yelling at them.  I lash out harsh words that really hurt them and later, when I cool down, it hurts me for speaking that way. Well, I can never take my words back. It has already caused the irreversible damage.  Is it not? I often wonder why my emotions in general are so intense.

There is a clear need to find a way to control my anger. I am making someone accountable for my inability to handle a situation or being not prepared well enough to think through scenarios.  Why should I let someone have their impact on me?  I question myself from time to time and yet I cannot stop myself. It is no excuse.  It is the time to learn to find a solution to the problem, than displaying anger by shouting.

The other reason I found is, some of the anger on a person stems from my past interactions, or them being mean to me at one point of time in life (even though they are sweet and nice people now), or used me to their advantage.  I am also angry on myself for certain things from the past. I am stuck there. My best and dearest one suggested me to put things in perspective. The only way to get ahead is to learn to not repeat the same mistake and move forward. Forgive yourself and forgive others that caused you so much pain and be a free spirit. True, but It is easier said than done.

Anger seems to be more damaging mentally. I need a way out and I am determined to find a solution to this recurring problem.

What about you folks? How do you get past your anger if you have such intense emotion? How do you deal with the situation? I really am looking forward to hearing from you that will help me some way to get past and look beyond the anger.



They say people who are into music.. their brain works very well with memory even when they enter old age.. I picked up learning piano and I did not pick up for that reason. I have started on guitar a while ago and it took back seat after one session of basic beginners’ class. I wasn’t committed as much to put forth such an effort, my fingers hurt me.. but Piano seems to be easy and much exciting.. here I am trying to bring my music talent up. Also, I could use this as a medium for stress buster. Don’t you think so?

Playing Piano with fingers

Playing Piano with fingers

One of my dear friends got me started on it and yesterday was my first class. I learned to identify notes and tried syncing my brain with the sequence of notes. The problem is the moment I switch on metronome, I stumble and fail to be in sync and I need to really practice that. Patience and perseverance is the key.

On a brighter side, I could still remember treble clef (usually played by right hand) – EGBDF (Every Good Boy Does Fine) and the gaps between the lines of clef from bottom to up is FACE. For the base clef, played by left hand it is GBDFA (Good Boys Does Fine Always) and the gaps between the lines of Clef ACEG.  Pictures speak more than writings.. here is what I mean..




Treble Clef – Right hand

Notes for Right hand side

Notes for Right hand side

Base Clef – Left hand

Notes for Left hand side

Notes for Left hand side

Most of the phrases in music require you to play with both hands and I am yet to reach that level. My friend says, if you can diligently commit to practice 20 minutes a day without failing, I am guaranteed to go way advance and much faster. The more the practice the better I’ll be. And I’ll have 20 minutes less time to crib about things in life in general 😉

And, I’ll be blogging about my progress here.. as I hit my mini-milestones in the process.

Any Piano lovers or players?


Is anyone out there who started on Piano classes in their adult life and got somewhere? .. if so how long it took for you to comfortably play around with keys?

Resolutions are renewable every year



.. no kidding, alright you can renew your resolutions every year like you renew your any of leases or green energy or could be anything? on the plus side, the resolution renewal cost you nothing. Well, may be some guilt, laziness, memory and energy wastage. Although, I do not remember taking any resolutions last year but I did get into too many activities in last mid-year.  It’s past 6 months now and I am still clinging onto them. Am I not supposed to make brand new resolutions this year? asks other part of my brain.

Instead of making new resolutions this year, I decided to throw in some more ingredients “Discipline”,  “Patience” and “Perseverance” into existing ones to make the dish more meaningful and ready to be served. More importantly, I want to give-away the habit of “Cribbing and Complaining” .. any one interested in taking this? It’s FREE FREE FREE.  It is not always a good idea to take everything in just because you are getting for free. The payback is often expensive!

It is very easy to give up on things in life and in general, yet beautiful things do evolve if we keep positive mind set about the situations and have undying hope in life. With this positive mind set, I am setting out an target (to be achieved) to remain disciplined in every activity that I have already taken up and in day to day life.  (my other part of brain says :an oath.. really?, are you kidding me?).

As you can see, there is always this fight that goes on head. Another resolution is to stick to my resolutions. Period. On that note, Wish you all a wonderful New Year ahead and hope your dreams and aspirations come true. Make sure you create positive energy around you by just being positive about the situations even in the worst times.  ohh well.. forget not to dream big !

Do you have any resolutions taken this year?