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Pita Bread – what an adventure

My parents are visiting me and my enthusiasm to expose them to variety of food has increased. As part of our regular grocery shopping routine, we went to indian store. Parents spotted pita bread and asked what is it- that it could be used for? “Excited me” jumped up on the opportunity,and informed that we could make great pita sandwich, in turn got them excited as well. I told them that, I would make the delicious dinner the next day. And so, we went ahead and got all the relevant materials that could go well with it.

Given, how much I detest cooking and avoid getting into kitchen as much as I could. Putting that attitude aside, with great fervor, I prepared all the stuffing that goes well into the pita pouch bread. The stuffing, cucumbers, tomatoes & avocados were sliced and each of the item were placed in respective bowls. The time came when we had to cut the pita bread into two halves and open the pouch, fill it up, add the dressing and serve.

Just about for us to open the pouch and fill in “what ever you want to”, the pouch would not open. We thought may be it was over heated, and tried with the colder one – yet, it would not open, tried few more and yet none of them would open. Everyone were hungry and Dad on the other hand loved the stuffing and started eating with the thicker version of chapathi. Just then, I happened to call my dear partner who was on his way home, asked him to grab Pita bread from the near by store.

We waited for the whole 45 minutes with food in front of us until the new Pita bread arrived home. This new pita that was got from store few minutes back – does not have pouches either. **Seriously** This was the first time ever, I came across that does not have pouches. I could not believe my luck. I mean, we have been looking forward for such a long time and none of the three packs have pouches in the pita bread. Greatest disappointment. I started throwing tantrums and cribbed for no end. It took me a while by spoiling the atmosphere for some time until I came to terms that is what it is. Where as everyone else were quite understanding and adjusting. Later, my parents and  I ate it like a salad instead of pita sandwich. Which was absolutely delicious.

After so much of complaining & cribbing, I wanted to take a look at what the packaging label has to say, it was clearly written – Pita with no pouches (who on the earth would think that pita without pouches does exist?? ), the second one that was brought clearly stated “Pita Flat Bread” (I have seen square version of flat bread, the round version is new) – what luck. sob sob.

Tonight, we’ll make Pita Pizza- after all we have at least 16 more to go – what else can we do with them? any ideas?

Skyline – Downtown NYC from Statue of Liberty

One of my another best clicks – Beautiful weather and a great view from pedestal of Statue of Liberty. Yes, the tallest building among them is the World Trade Center.


Beautiful View

New York Subways! –Little bit of History

Subway is an underground public rail transit in New York City serving 4 of 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx. Staten Island is not connected to New York subway system.

Also, did you know that subways in New York City are addressed as “the Tube” in “Greater London”? I learned this from a cousin of mine who lived in London and asked me if I travel in “The Tube”.. and guess what my instant reaction was – you meant you tube? And that’s when he ended up briefing me on underground rail system of London. Want to know more about them.

Click here for London Tube

Click here for New York City Subways

London probably one of the oldest underground system opened in 1863, whereas America in 1904. I happened to visit a museum in New York.  Particularly, some historical aspects of New York City attracted my attention and here is what you are going to see the progress of trains re-modeled over a period of 75 years (1904- 1975). I am sure there might have been some more technological advancement in last 40 years as well but I guess the museum was not updated yet.

Subway Trains in first 75 Years

Here is glimpse of what trains used to be pre-Air Conditioner days. Yes, they had fans and more space in a block. Now surely, the space seems compressed a bit.


Trains back in those days – Can you see the Fans?

Although, not very clear image, it sure gives an outline of the Underground Architecture of New York City as a whole.


It still amazes me every time I look at the subway system and part me is scared of collapse that if happens in subway or in New York City due to any possible reason – surely, there is no escape… it is after all an concrete jungle.