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“If I was born somewhere else, sometime later, in a more liberal family, in a more equal world…”

Growing up..Being an Indian, just like others I must have made fun of gay men in general until I learned about what being “Gay” means. This letter touched my heart and I hope every men and women find their stand in the society and not differentiated based on who they are.

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

Sharing an email.

Dear Ma’am,

I am 20 and I am absolutely petrified about my future. And this is because I am a closeted Gay man. I read your post about how LGBT movement and Feminism are related, as both of them are fighting against chauvinistic and hypocritical pigs (sorry for the language), who want to force their rules on others’ lives.

I read a poem on your blog written by Nancy Smith, Which is titled “How Feminism Benefits Men”. It struck a chord in my heart. It brought new perspective towards feminism, how it benefits both men and women. It gives women their power and rights (that they rightfully deserve) and removes pressure from men. I believe this will bring back the balance in the world.

I feel an immense urge to speak what I truly believe. To fight all the discrimination between not just queer and straight…

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