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Office humor

As many of you know, I work in IT industry and in the current project we are bunch of female Indians who are skinny,  underweight (yes, that includes me) and may be malnutrition’ed and couple of guys. Yeah.. speak about women in tech, we stand as the best example. In our particular team, women are more than men.. Surprising but very true!

Our routine during lunch hour is usually who ever are free of meetings would gather to have lunch in our cute little area where we have a round table. I am in favor of such idea of space planning where I believe it is more productive as a team.

I definitely have habit of deviating from main topic.. but I need to give some background for all interested readers out there… isn’t? what do you think?

Yes Yes we have a round table chit-chat, pulling legs, teasing each other sessions during lunch everyday… (in fact I suggest you guys to have such area .. it is absolutely refreshing and fun to interact with your colleagues on a daily basis about non-work topics)..so this male colleague of our team suddenly switches to a healthy diet .. yeah that’s right .. he got steamed mixed vegetables as a side. Which is surprising for our team to digest.


Lunch sessions…
Image source.. not mine, searched in google and I forget where I downloaded this from..oops!

So one of the lady from our team out of curiosity asks him..

What happened to you Mr? (Let us call him PK)

Him: my wife thinks she is over weight by 10 pounds, (refers to that one healthy lady on our round table, let’s call her Preksha) and may be little weightier than preksha..

*Audience* We all heard it as “Waiter” and were all like “What on the earth waiter is Mr PK.

him: I meant my wife weighs as much as preksha does and she is currently dieting. He goes on telling the story of her dieting regimen… That she wanted to diet and did for a week and she ate the pizza yesterday. And he adds – I do not quite get it when she says ..she is “Dieting” ..

(we all were laughing hard)

and he continues the story – that his wife ended up joining some aerobics and does dancing for the same purpose, his kid who is 3 yr old says “Mamma… no dancing, mamma .. no dancing”..

(at this point, we all burst out laughing)

As much as we all appreciate of her taking her health into account and support the idea.. but the way he expressed it was so funny that we all had a great laughing session.  We all share such some silly and funny stories that are happening in our lives at the table.. all of it taken in light humor by everyone.

We are diverse group, people from different countries as well.. so we have fun sessions imitating actions, mannerisms, pulling each other legs and all in limits…  and we all are little bit racists.

Some one said (I don’t know who) if you cannot laugh at your ownself , then you have no right to laugh at other’s.. Which I believe in and yes.. no day goes by me not making fun of myself..

How about you?


Superficial Thoughts

How deep can one go given a problematic situation of another’s life?

Think of anything else?
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It is very difficult for anyone to understand the breadth and depth of the pain of what other person is going through. I can definitely empathize with the person but definitely cannot feel as much intensity of it as them.

I also realized over a period of time that my brain is designed such a way that even when a major problem arises; my brain automatically shuts off after some time.  Before it shuts off, my brain simulates exhaustive thinking of so many “what if’s”, “if only’s” , “wishes”, “lots of crying” and “impulse to call some dear one and speak heart out” and then vroom.. it goes off into sleeping mood for “re-energizing” and at times cycle repeats for few times before it makes peace by accepting reality. I never realized about the extent to which my brain can accommodate my emotions and could not less appreciate this amazing engine of the human body.

Attitude defines everything..
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I always thought, world is filled with nicest people and beautiful things until I was hit, real badly with amazingly 360 degree turn around of my perceptions towards the world. Although, news channels, papers and stories from close buddies did inform me about the meanest and selfish people and certainly I was warned about it much ahead of time and always. But, I had so much pride of my judgment about people whom I choose to associate with to an extent that I never realized until I faced the sweetest poison-ers you can ever imagine thinking of.  I was so blind-folded that I did not realize their actions meant something menacing to one’s life until so late in the game that it not only brought down my self-confidence that I was so proud of but also created a dent in many of my close relationships with my dear friends and families. This hurts!

Luckily, I am not stuck hanging in there for long, I accept the reality, stop asking myself with a common question- “why me?” and move on with head on shoulders. I dislike people sympathizing with me. I think Life as a game; some times it’s fun and exhilarating and at times difficult and exhausting. And I decided to play the game well. I deliberately thank all the people in my life who have helped me directly or indirectly in shaping my personality.

It’s never too late
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I digress. My thought process has always been shallow, may be that is why it helped me focus on other things well but also caused irreversible damage. If someone tells me something indirectly – I really cannot decode it, this sometimes helped but most of the times it kept me in dark (you can say – Innocence at it’s best). And, if I look back and understand what every one meant at different stages during my life – I cannot believe how I even put up with them. May be that is why I was able to make friends so easily and I still do now …but with caution.  It is very difficult for me to find negative qualities or bad intentions in other person. I am not quite sure if –because the way I brought up? Did I get lucked out all the time? Or haven’t had enough experiences in life that taught me lessons hard way? or was it the case that I cannot accept the reality? Or is it just my brain takes only positivity even from the meanest person you introduce me to.

No wonder my friends find it difficult to convince me about some personalities they already knew about. I try to find logic in every action – but after all we are human beings and there is no logic for every action.. may be there is.. may be there isn’t!  I heard some one saying – love begins when logic ends.. and it is a Mystery! Science is where logic is.

Life and the Universe – Interrelated
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Even, in this post – I think I am superficial..I barely went in depth of the very topic I choose to write about. My brain just doesn’t want me to go any deeper. If I do think deeper, every thing seems like “we are result of cause and effect factor of Universe” and there is no hope, no future, no beginning and no ending, it looks like a flat land with no-where to go. Or a deeper understanding of things makes you see any and every problem human faces is next to non-considerable at all. Oh.. wow, this attitude makes me eligible for becoming one of the spiritual leader and I can totally brain-wash my followers and become rich and popular *winks*.. a good idea isn’t?

Now, you tell me what do you think makes sense to you?

P.S: I can’t stop laughing of how my brain processes the information. After all, Attitude is the name of the game!