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After posting  How to be energetic? I really got some great suggestions, which I promptly followed them at work as well as at home. The music indeed is wonder, I never enjoyed plugging head phones into my ears for as long as I remember. Some impressions stay longer than required. I read some where that listening to music produces quite an amount of germs, and I thought that was dirtiest, ergo I avoided as much as possible, and did not share my ear plugs nor borrowed from anyone else. The sad fact is that I use mobile phone and surely, it could be the dirtiest one amongst others.  How do we even clean it? how to sanitize it? These smart phones are addictive.

I digress, the music, it has been really helping me get over with my mundane tasks like cleaning home & dishes, cooking and other chores around. At work, it has been a hit, I took my comfortable head phones and have been listening to music on repeat, so far, I have been doing great with mundane things that are not important but has to be finished sooner than later at work. Music surely is therapeutic. It is, as long as I do not pay attention to lyrics, if I do pay attention, it is very distracting. I can easily tune out the background noise while I focus. The only beneficial factor with headphones at work has been – no-distractions-from-colleagues-chatter. They think I am seriously working on something and do not initiate fun chatter.

Dear readers, do you listen to music? Why do you listen?

American consumerism

Switch on the TV, you will not be surprised with the ads trying to sell us the stuff we do not need. In my earlier post, I was contemplating on whether to buy a car or not, I decided against it back then, but I keep going back to the idea of having a car to fulfill my little joys of going to a park near by, check some cool places out, do some basic errands, explore some beautiful hangout places. Every small activity, at times, costs us money or time. In the past few months, I have tried renting a car, using uber and public transportation. The cost of renting car is too high with crazy insurances that we need to pay and the pain of renting from various locations is equally painful.

Since, I do not want to spend so much money on the car for my basic errands around the town, I decided to opt for an used car, that takes me from point A to point B and possibly let me enjoy my weekend nature hikes which are with in 2 hours driving distance. All the people that I hang out with suggests that I buy a car on loan, if my budget is so affordable , for me, it makes no sense to loan the amount in the first place. But, they insist.  Stating, you will have better credit score. Honestly, if you can afford that small amount, why should you loan on a interest?  I can never argue with them.

So, the point is – why in this country, we tend to sway and go into debt mode. Why would any one need a fancier car, or a bigger home ? specially, if that causes you financial strain? The car loans or home loans, they are given to you in bigger amount, and if you fall into the trap, the stress is overwhelming. Why is that, most of them do not understand this fundamental concept of living a stress free life?

I was no different from the many who want to fall into the trap of mortgages and fancier cars. The moment, I put that mindset aside, I really learned how freeing it is to not have any debts. And, I prefer smaller cozier home that I can afford to live through rainy day (yeah yeah recession)  over larger one’s. The piece of mind is divine. We live in a small home, and every guest who dropped by at our place, suggested that we move into bigger home. Our answer initially was to explain why? but it later got dropped to…”yeah” we will do that in the near future.. with a smile.  Ergo, the challenges that I face to optimize the space, and all the de-cluttering projects I do, turns out to be bit hectic but also brings some creativity with in me. This move to small home made me question – “Why on the earth have I accumulated so much stuff?” I am glad to let go of things – slowly but steadily.

Going against american dream is surprising to many of my friends, as well as family.  The point people are not ready to understand is – if we can afford, we will. Sure, if I have money to get wasted, I may.. who knows, I might have few fancy cars and fancier mansion. I know my limits and I am happy with it.

What about you dear folks? what is your take on bigger homes and cars?  what do you prefer?



Yes, I am stuck at cleaning the home forever. I just feel like, there is never ending session of organizing, getting rid of stuff and most importantly cleaning. It is exhausting. You might say – what’s the big deal in cleaning isn’t?

For me, the very thought of cleaning home is daunting. I think of 100 things to clean and want to actually deep clean, then in turn it gets delayed for ever. For instance, if I were to clean kitchen this weekend (which I am right now), I need to organize pantry, clean greasy dishes/bottles/stove tops, microwave inside out, fridge inside out, cabinets – re-organize all the dishes, oven – this is in worse condition, thanks to our previous one’s who lived here, it is so dirty that I have been researching quite a bit as to how to handle that. Stove tops are worse. I just couldn’t get the gunk out with my numerous attempts at washing them. Oh.. the cabinet corners are dirty and I need to find a way to clean them and bring back the shine. To top it all, kitchen floor is mostly white, how do you clean linoleum floor eh? I tried bleach, it got better, but it has to be cleaned very regularly.

I took this as an opportunity, to get rid of most of the duplicate dishes. I could not be happier. I tried finding a place and hopefully, I’ll maintain those things in place. I like the clean and clutter free places, but mine seems to be a long way.  I do not know how and why and all it started.. may be it’s just that I feel, most of my weekends go into organizing, re-organizing, cleaning and cycle repeats that stops me from enjoying the summer time doing something that re-rejuvenates me is missing. This is the only topic that I have lately been talking at work, with strangers, neighbors, family, friends. Guess what, of course they are not interested in hearing the same story on repeat from me? I think, dream, live and basically obsessed with cleaning-organizing-leading-a-clutter-free-life. At times, I feel helpless, exhausted, mentally drained and yet I fail to wrap it up fast enough.

I do not even want to talk about living/bed/ storage room.  I am dreaded to even think about tackling them. The problem with me is, I have no artistic vision, I appreciate the homes that are tastefully decorated but I fail in that area. I panic the moment I see the stuff flowing into the home.

Thankfully, I have addressed the closet area, and put a stop to purchasing clothes all together. So, I have a hope.. some day, one day in the near future, I will have a clutter free, organized clean home.

Dear you, I know your homes must be bigger, and have children, or many people in the home – how do you live a relaxed life? how do you manage your chores? I would be interested in hearing your daily/weekly/monthly maintenance activities to have a clean and organized home.