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Office humor

As many of you know, I work in IT industry and in the current project we are bunch of female Indians who are skinny,  underweight (yes, that includes me) and may be malnutrition’ed and couple of guys. Yeah.. speak about women in tech, we stand as the best example. In our particular team, women are more than men.. Surprising but very true!

Our routine during lunch hour is usually who ever are free of meetings would gather to have lunch in our cute little area where we have a round table. I am in favor of such idea of space planning where I believe it is more productive as a team.

I definitely have habit of deviating from main topic.. but I need to give some background for all interested readers out there… isn’t? what do you think?

Yes Yes we have a round table chit-chat, pulling legs, teasing each other sessions during lunch everyday… (in fact I suggest you guys to have such area .. it is absolutely refreshing and fun to interact with your colleagues on a daily basis about non-work topics)..so this male colleague of our team suddenly switches to a healthy diet .. yeah that’s right .. he got steamed mixed vegetables as a side. Which is surprising for our team to digest.


Lunch sessions…
Image source.. not mine, searched in google and I forget where I downloaded this from..oops!

So one of the lady from our team out of curiosity asks him..

What happened to you Mr? (Let us call him PK)

Him: my wife thinks she is over weight by 10 pounds, (refers to that one healthy lady on our round table, let’s call her Preksha) and may be little weightier than preksha..

*Audience* We all heard it as “Waiter” and were all like “What on the earth waiter is Mr PK.

him: I meant my wife weighs as much as preksha does and she is currently dieting. He goes on telling the story of her dieting regimen… That she wanted to diet and did for a week and she ate the pizza yesterday. And he adds – I do not quite get it when she says ..she is “Dieting” ..

(we all were laughing hard)

and he continues the story – that his wife ended up joining some aerobics and does dancing for the same purpose, his kid who is 3 yr old says “Mamma… no dancing, mamma .. no dancing”..

(at this point, we all burst out laughing)

As much as we all appreciate of her taking her health into account and support the idea.. but the way he expressed it was so funny that we all had a great laughing session.  We all share such some silly and funny stories that are happening in our lives at the table.. all of it taken in light humor by everyone.

We are diverse group, people from different countries as well.. so we have fun sessions imitating actions, mannerisms, pulling each other legs and all in limits…  and we all are little bit racists.

Some one said (I don’t know who) if you cannot laugh at your ownself , then you have no right to laugh at other’s.. Which I believe in and yes.. no day goes by me not making fun of myself..

How about you?

April goals: Reading books – Really?

Once upon a time, I thought reading books is boring and people who read books are even more boring. Growing up, I read only text books (well.. I have had no choice).. aah let me just blame it on my school for not making reading habit mandatory in school curriculum. Yes, we have had library but they never lend any books nor we know that library is for gaining or improving knowledge on things that interest you.. or maybe I never knew that library is for borrowing books until I got into college.

Reading is fun and informative  Img Src: Google

Reading is fun and informative
Img Src: Google

I was surprised to see my class mates borrowing novels and finishing them over night and exchanging among group of reading buddies. I hung out with a girl who was an avid reader and she recommended I read “World around in 80 days”, that marks the beginning and the momentum died shortly after. After that I read a book here and a book there but nothing out of interest and dedicatedly. Only recently, ever since I moved to New York City, my commute time has drastically increased from 15 minutes to almost 3 hrs and started utilizing commute time for reading.  Although, my friends argue that audio is better than reading in a moving train, but I prefer reading over listening and this is the only time I can concentrate and I guess this has always been my habit all through child hood. I have read more in a moving vehicle than anywhere else. What’s your take?..Let’s call it personal preference over any logic.

Reading is fun, it makes you travel into a whole new dimension of world, a world of different means, possibilities, places, situations, thought process , creativity and most importantly they let us connect with characters, we feel how they feel, you cry when situation demands, you laugh it out when there is something funny.. reading book is as good as passively meeting wide variety of people and being there where the story takes place. In the process, I might have had connected with numerous people when they see me reading some novel of their interest and speak about characters, plot and interests in general.. yeah absolutely with strangers.

Just yesterday while I was too busy reading in a crowded bus, lady behind me strikes a conversation about how great the book is and suggest some more books of that genre.. right after I get off the bus there is another women who eaves dropped on my earlier conversation and obviously the topic shifts beyond books and found out she lives in the same neighborhood.. You would be surprised, at times..without our knowledge these small talks with strangers establishes long term associations and become friends for life.

On the other hand, after I read the book and if it has some story line that is worthwhile narrating to someone, my mother would be ultimate victim more often than my close buddies and she has no choice but to hear me out.

Last year, I was able to finish more than 12 books per year and this time I want to keep the momentum going and add more books to my list this year.

And, If you like reading books go ahead and suggest me some? Will you?  Just so you know..I am not biased to particular genre and open to take any inputs that you may have.

Skills required for living in this era – all it takes is shift in ATTITUDE!

Abstractness everywhere(Src: Google Images)

Abstractness everywhere
(Src: Google Images)

Is it a competition?

Or is it lack of opportunities per person?

Or is there a drastic shift in how things have been shaping up in last couple decades?

Whatever the reason may be, it sure is not the case for one to relax as soon as you are out of college and land in a job. I thought this was the case only with people working for private institutions but it has slowly spread to government employees as well.

I work for a private organization,  My job is reliant on the type of skill set I possess or for that matter it is in a way mandatory to have varied skill set ranging from people skills to technological skills to being able to take complete responsibility of the task. Initially when I started career, I resisted acquiring additional skills set after some point, and thought learning is a never ending process as I mentioned in my earlier blog post. But, to face exorbitant demands in this competitive world and sustain through it, one needs to be on top of the things.

A slight shift in attitude or perspective will take us long way in life and in career.  One needs to be always motivated and make it fun to acquire as much of diversified skill-set one can and never be afraid to take a different route when presented with opportunities along the way.

Sounds good in theory. Isn’t?

Honestly speaking, that does make sense in every way or Darwin’s law of evolution- survival of the fittest is true but in different sense. For instance, I take some fun-work-out classes here in NYC to get away from stress at work. This instructor is a dance choreographer and found a way to establish a career and brand in offering Cardio exercise in a fun-filled way. Being open to ideas have helped her immensely and made her stand out from the crowd.

So, do you think changing the attitude, shifting your focus and pursue your dreams..

or stay where you are and complain about the situations that gets you no-where..

Which of the above options would be useful?

What’s your take?

What is your passion?

Recently, some one asked me what my passion is? I thought for a moment and said – “I have none” .. later I ended up thinking about it even further. I wondered if every person that I encountered in my life has any passion for something or the other. I have no such thing that I am so fond of that I would forget time and be engrossed in it (unless there is some kind of strict deadline).

Follow your heart

So, I googled it to find what it means and there were many meanings for this word but I settled at “Boundless enthusiasm”. Although, my blog is named after passion, it could be very well mistaken for something that I must be really passionate about. The sole purpose is to discover if, any passion that I may have for anything before it is too late to pursue. This is reason why I keep experimenting with variety of new hobbies quite often. And I am totally enthusiastic and curious about everything I take up. Curiosity certainly keeps life alive and you strive hard to uncover it.

After more googling (google is my friend) or binging (Microsoft too) bit further on this topic, I learned passion can be created. Credit goes to this website. Yes, Passion can be created for everything we like/wish to do. Just that intensity needs to be increased in that area. For instance, if you like exercising, get to know in and out about it. With out you realizing you have already gained enough knowledge to be shared passionately with others who need help with. It goes same with any hobbies or habits that you can easily pick up. Consider reading books or writing or even volunteering at a charity event. If you repeatedly do the task with improvement each time, you are clearly passionate about it.


Yes, That's Correct!

Yes, That’s Correct!


Once you start working on it, you will some day get closer to once upon set target. May be you wanted to be better at dancing, you will eventually get there. Some one rightly said talent is just 10%, attitude is 90% and I tend to believe in it. But, if you start enjoying the process of reaching your target that is when you can truly develop passion for a thing. Yes, you might as well give up at some point.. that is okay, taking break from what you do will help you focus better or re-evaluate if you really want to proceed further. Well, it’s never too late if you even want to start all over again. Life is too short to get wasted just brooding over time lost.

What are you waiting for ?..Get behind the wheels and go forward!

Resolutions are renewable every year



.. no kidding, alright you can renew your resolutions every year like you renew your any of leases or green energy or could be anything? on the plus side, the resolution renewal cost you nothing. Well, may be some guilt, laziness, memory and energy wastage. Although, I do not remember taking any resolutions last year but I did get into too many activities in last mid-year.  It’s past 6 months now and I am still clinging onto them. Am I not supposed to make brand new resolutions this year? asks other part of my brain.

Instead of making new resolutions this year, I decided to throw in some more ingredients “Discipline”,  “Patience” and “Perseverance” into existing ones to make the dish more meaningful and ready to be served. More importantly, I want to give-away the habit of “Cribbing and Complaining” .. any one interested in taking this? It’s FREE FREE FREE.  It is not always a good idea to take everything in just because you are getting for free. The payback is often expensive!

It is very easy to give up on things in life and in general, yet beautiful things do evolve if we keep positive mind set about the situations and have undying hope in life. With this positive mind set, I am setting out an target (to be achieved) to remain disciplined in every activity that I have already taken up and in day to day life.  (my other part of brain says :an oath.. really?, are you kidding me?).

As you can see, there is always this fight that goes on head. Another resolution is to stick to my resolutions. Period. On that note, Wish you all a wonderful New Year ahead and hope your dreams and aspirations come true. Make sure you create positive energy around you by just being positive about the situations even in the worst times.  ohh well.. forget not to dream big !

Do you have any resolutions taken this year?

Taxi Drivers in NYC

Call the cab.. right here! – near central park

… wave the hand on the road in Manhattan and taxi driver understands you need a ride. I hopped on and told him where I need to go, he would navigate on the road as if he knows every nook and corner of the city and suggest you get off at certain place instead of any deviations with so many one-ways and avoid charging you higher.

Too many taxis around.. near Wall St

As always, my curious minds strikes a conversation to find out how they operate so well in NYC, considering the fact that is as difficult as it (may be not so much if you compared with a Mumbai traffic and taxis over there) can get to drive comfortably. He ended up sharing some facts about being a taxi driver in NYC.

He lives in Brooklyn, a Law Student (4 more years to go, So I assume he just started), took this semester off and started driving from past 3 months. I must admit, he is good at it.
He says, there is some kind of understanding between fellow taxi drivers and with the number of taxis in NYC, the accidents happen in the city are usually by Private Vehicles. The reason being, private vehicles owners do not understand the driving-language-in-nyc, when the way is given to them,  when one should make a move, when to take a turn around or cut through the traffic as much as Taxi Drivers understand.

He says, even though he doesn’t like letting some one go past him, but he would give in to avoid the accidents, as there is a whole lot of process one needs to go through for a driving violation. The cops would then give a traffic violation ticket, losing the time, energy and business, speaking with auto-insurances, informing the cab agency etc etc, and he thinks it is just easy to control the impulse than end up being in this situation.  Manhattan is a very well planned city, it is easy to get around and experience teaches us everything, he adds.

Although, the distance traveled was only 1.5 miles, with the traffic during peak time, it took ever but he was very entertaining and  knowledgeable (oh yeah, he is a Law student after all), and then he ended up speaking about “Life in NYC” vs “Living in other places” (this topic to be covered in  future post), his idea of getting a degree in law, specializations, life as a student and aspirations he have. And he also works for some firm and cab driving is his part time job. It is true that one need to do multiple jobs to pay for living here. It is quite expensive and every one has different perspective. According to him, living in Manhattan is way too expensive, congested and you will not save enough money for yourself. I could not agree more.

As the conversations drifted from one topic to another but all around New York City. It is amazing to know the perspectives from other angles. And then you think you would relate but then like everyone else you have an opinion of your own.

Taxis in Time Square

The most interesting fact that I appreciate about people over here is, irrespective of their education, wealth and good paying full time job, they do not hesitate to take up another job and perform with a great diligence. There are many taxi drivers in NYC who fall under this category. I hope the same attitude ignites in the minds of people who are from the same place where I originally hail from. Unfortunately, ego is associated with the kind of job you do, societal branding, and you care of what other think about you and forget the fact that others will not feed you when you are hungry. I call it – ignorance.  I would have been the same if not for this exposure, and I still have that streak of attitude that shows up unconsciously.

Wouldn’t be nice if every job is considered as “work” irrespective of it’s kind and show same amount of respect towards everyone ?

(Ok, I am not speaking about people doing any “in-humane activities” as their job here..)

Sunday Experiments – Learning Crochet Patterns

One part of my brain wanted to explore “Art of Crocheting” and I could not dismiss it. I only knew beginners basic pattern you can think of, and I decided to make some scarf, but really.. I have no idea of making any kind of patterns at all. Besides, thanks giving sale is around the corner and you would get amazing woolen scarfs for less than $10.

So, it begs a question – why would you want to invest your time, energy, money and most importantly strain on eyes to do from scratch? (.. may be some kind of satisfaction or pride that you’ve created something wonderful). But, I do have whole lot of appreciation for who ever can make them..it is an undeniable talent. Irrespective of  what my one part of brain thinks, I decided to invest some time and experiment around learning patterns using crochet tutorials on youtube. [[As always, I have tremendous respect for technology that is a greatest teacher for curious minds like me]]

…and I totally messed up with “what they taught in the video” Vs “what I made out of it”.. I call it a “unknown pattern”.

My first Crochet Pattern

I am stuck here, not sure whether to stop it or to continue with the flow? Ideas?

Next steps?

You are most welcome to come up with any creative name for the above pattern that comes to your mind as you look at pictures posted above.

It is always good to experiment around and give some work to our brains. Brain is a muscle, the more you make it work, the more active and sharp it becomes. And the same concept goes with anything in life. Curiosity in life is very important, and having some hobbies will make your brain relax and perform its job. There is always a first step for any task that you want to accomplish. Step in and see for yourself. Think about it? does it trigger any thing?

p.s: I am really interested in learning more, would you please provide me with cool links that is more self-explanatory in trying this out with ease?

Diwali Celebrations are on…

Diwali (or Deepavali) is festival widely celebrated in India. There is a reason and story behind every festival, like wise there is one for this too. Instead of me writing about it, I’ll point you to one of the blog that I follow for you to know more about it. (Click here for the story). This festival is a celebration of triumph of good over evil.

Traveling back in time to one of my most beautiful memory lane, as part of the preparations for this festival.. we would have to prepare the list of fire crackers and hand over it to my dad. He would then take us to store near by and get us all we want, that would be sufficient for 3 days. And at home, there will be intensive house cleaning activities go on, painting the home, cleaning, washing, re-organizing and throwing away unwanted items..and so on so forth.

On the day of Diwali, the corridor’s are decorated with Mango leaves

Mango Leaves on Doors

Prayer to Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) is performed at home and at respective business locations

Goddess Lakshmi


Sweets are distributed amongst neighbors, friends and families. This is the most fun part,  by the end of the day you would have so many sweet boxes lying around and a difficult time for parents to stop their kids from eating all the unhealthy food in the world. Yes, just like candy’s that kids collect during Halloween festival.






Then shopping for fire-crackers

Fire-Crackers shopping

as the day begins to get darker, you’ll get to see all the lights in the sky, loud sounds, people decorating their surroundings with candle lights (called as Diya’s) , the diya’s that we use are usually made out of mud, the oil is poured into those small-little containers and a cotton made like a thickest thread is inserted into it, then they are lighted with match stick.

Diya’s in mud containers

These are now placed around the home

Diya’s placed around the home

These Diya’s are used to fire the crackers.  Fun starts from the morning! This produces so much of noise pollution and it is hard to get away with it unless you have sound-proof homes. Unfortunately, if one is not very careful about these things, this is the time where one could burn themselves and burn places as well.

Biggest Ladi – fun starts from the morning

and then in the evening, people gather at one place and start playing with fire crackers until late in the mid-night. It is such a wonderful experience to participate in the event without being worried about harm that it could cause you.

Pool Chadi – kids usually love them

and other not-so-dangerous fire crackers (I really enjoy all these things and here I am in different country missing the fun)

Chichu Buddi


There have been instances where my hands, sometimes legs were burnt because of being careless about it. It would take many days to recover from those injuries and yet, we look forward for this festival with the same levelof enthusiasm.

and these go on until mid night or at times almost until morning, this not only creates noise pollution but also air pollution. Here is the mess that you see on every street and home, the more you burn the more trash it accumulates.

Mess after Diwali day

A great festival, that used to be my day on Diwali and now, it’s different – all we do is host or attend a Diwali event, at the max we would burn the “pool chadi”  the one you hold in your hands and burn. If you truly want to enjoy Diwali, you have got to make a trip to India. There could never be any better place than India to celebrate this festival.

This is a picture of India from NASA on a Diwali Day. This how big it is celebrated.

India on Diwali Night

With this the celebration comes to end!

To all my dear readers of this blog: Wishing you a fabulous Diwali. Wish this festival bring you happiness, wealth and success your way.

P.S: My memories still fresh from my childhood. Hope to celebrate this day again in the future with the same excitement and enthusiasm.

Punjabi Sword Fighting

Ever heard about Punjabi Sword Fighting? I knew about sword fighting but not particularly to “punjabi’s sword fighting”.

I was talking to friend of mine recently as he mentioned about “Punjabi Sword fighting”. After reading the blog pointed out to me, I found the whole idea to be innovative and totally hilarious. I could not stop laughing at it. I found it too funny and told him it is definitely going on my blog.

The reason why it became popular on reddit and now an urbanslang too because the white Mexican (corrected by the author of the reddit post) guy wanted to marry an Indian girl from Punjab and the girls father has asked him to do Punjabi sword fighting with him and win his daughter away to marry her. Apparently, this guy freaked out and started to find ways to avoid it altogether. His posts and updates for suggestions became so popular that when you type punjab in google search, it prompts you with punjabi sword fighting! Check yourself out.

Punjabi sword fighting
(src:Google images)

So here it is for you to read it and laugh your heart out.

Click Here – It’s on reddit  – Totally hilarious!

I don’t think it is still the norm even in rural parts of Punjab, India.For the people who are hearing this for the first time. Punjab is one of the state in India and some of the communities had this tradition and I assume it is still going.

Some more info here on wiki

And my friend defends the fact that, every father is protective of their daughters and if he ever had a daughter, he would buy a Samurai Sword. I forget to ask why particularly samurai one? must be some attachment to Japan!

anyways this left a smile on my face and I hope it does to you as well.

Smile your way out…

….and I did while walking out of office into elevator and I remember running into this random stranger couple of times in the past and he speaks up and says –“ you’re always happy and cheerful, I have had seen you few times and every time you have a huge smile on your face, You’ve got great attitude”.  Absolutely, one of the best compliments ever today.

Smile Please (src: google images)

I smile back (“yes again”) and politely tell him and thank him for the wonderful compliment.

And quickly add “I am too excited for the chocolate coffee and very happy that I’m making star bucks richer everyday by killing my determination of avoiding coffee altogether.”

He bursts out laughing.

Yes, I just spoke to a total stranger in the elevator.

Smile at it’s best.. (src:google images)

Smile sure do have tremendous advantage, if you smile enough and laugh often, it keeps your stress levels down, improves serotonin levels in brain (yeah, these are called happy hormones) and cannot deny fact stated by one of Irish proverb.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. — Irish Proverb

Smile Please (src: google images)

And haven’t I mentioned I came across when I visited one of the city in southern part of  India. They have “Laughter clubs” for the same advantage. If you happened to visit “Hyderabad, India” and “Lumbini or Indira parks” in morning times around 6 or 7 am, you’ll get see the wonder! “People gather and laugh out loud..very loud“.  Whoa, I just found something interesting while looking up to provide you with information – It is also called as “Laughter Yoga”. I guess you might have this in your city too. If you like this idea and not in your place, you can always start one. You never know what would be your next favorite thing is.

Looks like a pretty big organization. Click here  for more details.

And sometimes, smiling your way out is much easier than showing around other not-so-pleasant-emotions.

Remember …
(src: Google images)

P.S: are you smiling at my pictures? they are not mine, I am not sure what it has got to do with Yellow color and smile.. they get along well! I wonder why?