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Whipped Body butter – Home made

I spoke about making my own body butter in one of my previous posts and source from which I got the recipe was also posted there. I ended up getting all my ingredients – all of them raw, unrefined, organic(?as they say) shea and cocoa butters. Also, got organic coconut oil and sweet almond oil. On top of these expenses, I invested in getting 4 essential oils worth $85 and I feel I have over paid. To get the ingredients, I used amazon and read numerous blogs, reviews and cost effective ways to get them. I felt good about all of the main ingredients except that I felt being ripped off for essential oils. But, it seems like they are really going to last longer as you barely use not more than few drops.

I did the measurements of all in equal quantities and followed the exact same procedure of what has been described here (one, two). I have added combination of tea-tree oil for controlling acne and lavender for fragrance. The final product looked beautiful, like the one you get in stores, it’s whipped and the fact that this is equally edible made me so much comfortable to apply it on my skin. It surely felt moisturizing. The most important fact is – it is natural, chemical free and organic and it is nourishing.

Cons: what they do not disclose or discuss is:

It is bit greasy on my skin, and when I apply on face, it is much more (Yes, I use same lotion for everything and very generous too, I try not to use too many different products) – I do not know the results yet as how my skin will be in next few weeks or so. I will keep you posted.

It became bit hard, despite keeping it at a room temperature and storing in some what cool dark place, it is not as smooth as it was when it was whipped.

What I learned from the process:

It should be prepared in small batches until you get the desired results. Only after I made this and found how hard it has become, that I looked for ways to make it smoother. This is when I found this blog which lists out what we could do differently to make it more smoother and non-greasy but moisturizing body butter. I will apply those tips in my next batch when ever I am done with the current.

That cocoa & coconut oil are considered comedogenic, which means that they usually clog the pores and not good for acne prone skin. But, I have the history of using coconut oil on my face, for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fugal properties, it might not be a problem. And cocoa is known to be a great anti-oxidant,  has restorative properties and soothes sensitive skin. Also, I have added tea-tree oil for acne combat. It is very important to know your skin type before you invest your time and energy in making them.

Even though every one prefers lavender, I find myself to be agnostic about it and did not find myself to use it again. The irony is that I spent the highest amount on this particular essential oil. I have always liked lemony, citrus flavored freshness smell and read some where that cocoa & lemon does not go well together. Next time, I will try it without cocoa and add lemon oil to it.


I will have to give it at least few weeks before I conclude. I am experimenting on myself before I consider gifting it to any one. The shelf life? – since all the ingredients are shelf stable, they say it should not go bad for 2-3 years, but I will be using it all up in couple of weeks.

Dear readers, do you make your own beauty products? Where do you source your ingredients from and which brand of essential oils have you used ?

Pita Bread – what an adventure

My parents are visiting me and my enthusiasm to expose them to variety of food has increased. As part of our regular grocery shopping routine, we went to indian store. Parents spotted pita bread and asked what is it- that it could be used for? “Excited me” jumped up on the opportunity,and informed that we could make great pita sandwich, in turn got them excited as well. I told them that, I would make the delicious dinner the next day. And so, we went ahead and got all the relevant materials that could go well with it.

Given, how much I detest cooking and avoid getting into kitchen as much as I could. Putting that attitude aside, with great fervor, I prepared all the stuffing that goes well into the pita pouch bread. The stuffing, cucumbers, tomatoes & avocados were sliced and each of the item were placed in respective bowls. The time came when we had to cut the pita bread into two halves and open the pouch, fill it up, add the dressing and serve.

Just about for us to open the pouch and fill in “what ever you want to”, the pouch would not open. We thought may be it was over heated, and tried with the colder one – yet, it would not open, tried few more and yet none of them would open. Everyone were hungry and Dad on the other hand loved the stuffing and started eating with the thicker version of chapathi. Just then, I happened to call my dear partner who was on his way home, asked him to grab Pita bread from the near by store.

We waited for the whole 45 minutes with food in front of us until the new Pita bread arrived home. This new pita that was got from store few minutes back – does not have pouches either. **Seriously** This was the first time ever, I came across that does not have pouches. I could not believe my luck. I mean, we have been looking forward for such a long time and none of the three packs have pouches in the pita bread. Greatest disappointment. I started throwing tantrums and cribbed for no end. It took me a while by spoiling the atmosphere for some time until I came to terms that is what it is. Where as everyone else were quite understanding and adjusting. Later, my parents and  I ate it like a salad instead of pita sandwich. Which was absolutely delicious.

After so much of complaining & cribbing, I wanted to take a look at what the packaging label has to say, it was clearly written – Pita with no pouches (who on the earth would think that pita without pouches does exist?? ), the second one that was brought clearly stated “Pita Flat Bread” (I have seen square version of flat bread, the round version is new) – what luck. sob sob.

Tonight, we’ll make Pita Pizza- after all we have at least 16 more to go – what else can we do with them? any ideas?

Sunday Experiments – Learning Crochet Patterns

One part of my brain wanted to explore “Art of Crocheting” and I could not dismiss it. I only knew beginners basic pattern you can think of, and I decided to make some scarf, but really.. I have no idea of making any kind of patterns at all. Besides, thanks giving sale is around the corner and you would get amazing woolen scarfs for less than $10.

So, it begs a question – why would you want to invest your time, energy, money and most importantly strain on eyes to do from scratch? (.. may be some kind of satisfaction or pride that you’ve created something wonderful). But, I do have whole lot of appreciation for who ever can make them..it is an undeniable talent. Irrespective of  what my one part of brain thinks, I decided to invest some time and experiment around learning patterns using crochet tutorials on youtube. [[As always, I have tremendous respect for technology that is a greatest teacher for curious minds like me]]

…and I totally messed up with “what they taught in the video” Vs “what I made out of it”.. I call it a “unknown pattern”.

My first Crochet Pattern

I am stuck here, not sure whether to stop it or to continue with the flow? Ideas?

Next steps?

You are most welcome to come up with any creative name for the above pattern that comes to your mind as you look at pictures posted above.

It is always good to experiment around and give some work to our brains. Brain is a muscle, the more you make it work, the more active and sharp it becomes. And the same concept goes with anything in life. Curiosity in life is very important, and having some hobbies will make your brain relax and perform its job. There is always a first step for any task that you want to accomplish. Step in and see for yourself. Think about it? does it trigger any thing?

p.s: I am really interested in learning more, would you please provide me with cool links that is more self-explanatory in trying this out with ease?

My first experiment ever – Quilled Paper ART

..Never knew there is something called Quilled Art until I happened to ran into Preethi Shoney’s Blog and happened to see one of her art work accidentally and that led me to dig through and find more about it. Since then, I have browsed many of the quilled art related websites and watched ‘how to make quilled paper art  tutorials’ in youtube.. yes you heard it right, thanks to technology which makes things just possible

…instantly ordered materials and here it is.. MY first ever experiment and I so fell in love with this art…and of course you need to have lots of patience to do this!

In spite of tilting the pictures taken to display it right, they are still acting upon me.. hell with that I say, this will not stop me from posting to the blog.