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Day 19 : Emotional Attachment for Things

There is not a single person that I personally know of, who is not attached to materialistic things in some or the other form. May be, I have not reached that spectrum yet in my life. Gifts from loved ones, things you have purchased with your first income, or anything that you have accumulated over a period of time, has some memory associated with it. Does it not?

A friend of mine recently moved to her new home. The home is probably 10 times larger in square feet than their previous apartment they lived in. With a toddler in hand, and other shopping responsibilities for furniture had their energy drained by end of the day. This is when, your’s truly came in to picture to help her organize her kitchen. All of you know, how much I struggle with organizing in my tiny home with thorough thought process of whether we need it or not, and mull over things to buy and are forced to de-clutter at times for lack of space. Now, this kitchen in their home is much larger by size than I am used to. It was already semi organized by then, so all I had to do was categorize them, select the place, organize in presentable manner. Repeat. 70 percent was done in  mere 4 hours.

With this exercise, I realized that I had no emotional attachment to anything from their kitchen, broken cup, jug or plate or glass or any dishware – my instant reaction was, let’s just get rid of them unless my friends really really wanted it for some meaning. They did keep handful and rest of them were thrown out mercilessly into garbage. Not only that, anything that if i feel they may not use it, I suggested them to get rid. It was easy. The kitchen looked much better than where we started few hours back.

While heading back my home, wondered why is it not that easy when I have to perform these tasks at home?. The pending tasks that they were lying for eons, if I must say. I procrastinate, like for ever but they are back burners in my mind and occupy lot of thinking space. That is not good. I feel, we are emotionally and financially invested in things. Certain things trigger our memory, and then we lose track of time, which is why it is hard to be objective about it. I have done such helping in organizing at other friends place as well earlier and I felt it was as easy as it was yesterday and of course does not apply to self. You see, may be not having a definitive goal of what you want to get out of your task might be ruining it. I shall try.

The feeling of accomplishment and helping a friend in need was a warm feeling. I had a hectic Christmas break, and was craving for few restful days without any agenda. That is not very likely to happen in the near future, too many social obligations. I just need to make own space in the world of busyness. Is it not true that we  put other’s above our comforts most of the times? is it good for your soul? Sure, when you help each other in the times of need. That is what the relationships are all about.

So, how do you deal with organization in your home?

Why does it hurt?

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

“There are no good-byes, where ever you’ll be, you’ll be in my heart.” – Ghandi

Today my manager announced about her last day at her firm in few weeks. I am excited and happy for her new job yet I’m sad coz she is one of the best manager ever I’ve had through out my career. I look up to her.

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Here it goes, every time I change the projects or people go away who were close to me while working, it hurts and leaves me in pain for few days. Some times depending on the association with the person the sadness remains much longer or perhaps that part of my relationship with the person goes missing.. part of me goes missing. She is one such a wonderful person. At the same time, I’m glad for her move.. I wish her the best and hope to work with her in the future.

And it is also worth mentioning about another person from work who was not part of my team but accidentally bummed into him coz he took over my cubicle that I was attached to. He ended up being one of my close buddies that I can rely on and till date I still miss ranting about my daily activities in general to him.

These associations are for a short while and happened to me numerous times. It is still difficult to accept that I’ll not get to see them every other day or may be ever. I bid farewell to them with utmost sadness and hope to meet them sometime in the future. On the other hand, I do get to meet new people and well the cycle repeats.

It happened umpteenth times and yet wonder why on the earth do I get emotionally connected with these associations?

Why am I not indifferent or insensitive in-spite of this phenomenon?. I am not ready to accept the reality of life, which we just have to walk alone on this planet and cherish only those wonderful memories from all these associations one comes across. Thankfully, I do not anticipate the end at the beginning and that makes everything look wonderful. Think about it, we know we are going to move out of this planet anytime yet we are hopeful and work hard to make a beautiful life here.

I love being hopeful, love to get excited about small little things, love to share and spread the joy no matter what I am going through in my life, I promise you that you’ll see only a beautiful, joyful and cheerful world as long as you are around me. If you see some other things too.. well you know.. After-all we are human beings just like any other with all emotions tied into it.

This blog post is dedicated for all those who were part of my life for shortest-while at work and were the most beautiful beings ever I met and spent part of my life with them.

Dear readers/visitors –  I would love to hear back from you of  how would you cope up with these short-lived-associations in life?

P.S:  Your suggestions might help me in looking the same thing from different perspective and make me feel less sad about it.