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Day 20 : Meeting people in a social setting

Call it a Social Anxiety, I have hard time having a conversation with new people. Especially, if I have to meet friends of friends or friends cousins/family members.  So, it is extremely rare from my end to be friends with these new people unless the action/persuasion happens from the other side, looking back, I can count on my fingers.  Perhaps, the experiences I’ve had in the past, where I felt people judged me right on my face, or my inability to participate in any conversations for lack of knowledge in areas of discussion or if I am making up all this in my head, not sure. I have myriad of thoughts running in my head of what if’s, then’s, else’s or something weird that I think of with the end goal that they might be looking down on me or Is it just that I get that sort of feeling with few people. It just is and hard to justify even though they are very nice to me and I mean nothing to them and may forget me the next moment the occasion ends. But, I carry forward the feelings, at times good, some times bad. I remember bad feelings quite often than good, guess, that is human nature. That is why, I have another new year resolution for me to think only positive of any situation. It helps me to be sane and If I have to meet them again, then I would feel good and look forward to meet any one for that matter. What do you think?

How about you? how do you look forward to meeting new people? what do you chat when you meet? are you a natural conversationalist? I have too many questions to ask. With some people, the conversation just flows and with other’s (which is majority in my case) it becomes most like Q & A with yes or no answers and I look for every opportunity to get away from them and not to meet them ever again. Is it me or them? or if they are in the same boat as me. I am not sure. And that is why, I have hard time meeting you my dear blogger friends. As much as I love reading your blog posts, I categorize myself as one who may not fit in your world. I would not know, unless I try. Someday, I muster enough courage to give it a try. One day.

I try to pay attention to other’s who are good at making conversations, the topics they choose and questions they ask and how they put an effort to make a personal connection with them, some how. I am amazed at some of my friends, cousins who have confidence to meet any new people without shying away. On the other hand, I fight with my inner self so much to make such attempts. Why is it so hard for me? And yes, writing just my thoughts out here want me to get to the root of this problem, and find solution to make my life better. Finding a problem in itself is an accomplishment, now, onto looking for ways.

How about you all?

Scared of Public Speaking…you are not alone

Every presentation has a beginning , an ending and organized content in between that progresses smoothly from beginning to end. Giving a presentation has always been a night mare for me, I would tremble, stumble, jumble, panic and what not.. in front of the audience.

Public Speaking.. ?&#$^ (src: google images)

Starting from my under-grad days, I have always loved to participate in paper presentation contests, although paper would get selected but I’ve terribly failed presenting it and since then I’ve been looking for a platform to get rid of this public speaking fear. I have had given decent number of presentations since then and I see myself getting better at it.

As the saying goes, Practice makes man perfect.  True to the fact but you also need to find a means where you can practice it, and I found one – Toastmasters Club. I have been thinking of joining it from past 2 years. Today, I made it a point to attend it any cost and went in as a guest to get the feel of it.

Wonder How to Say it?
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It was a pleasant surprise to see the high-energy, warm environment and the speakers were truly amazing. It gave a confidence that this is the platform for any one who would like to get over with public-speaking anxiety and improve their leadership skills. I am excited and looking forward to attend these meetings.  The audience would evaluate each of the speaker listing their area of strengths, areas to improvise . It also gives a scope for creativity and improves spontaneity of people.

Lecturing is an art…

They really give feedback for each of the person who speaks up, be about being spontaneous, best presenter, best evaluator etc. One of my friend who came along said : Ignorance gives a person confidence. True to an extent that you wouldn’t care how you are speaking, your gestures, body mannerisms anything would come into picture coz you are not being judged.

Here is the Medicine for your problem.

I loved it and hope you’ll like it to. To explore more about Toast Masters in your country, Click here. And good news is, It is open to anyone and everyone who ever wants to join and improve their public speaking skills.

Images Src: I know you must have guessed it.. I am still a die hard fan of google images. I may swtich to bing soon just to avoid monopoly in the IT market.