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Lazy Programmer – Life at a Glance


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Yes, some of the best programmers are the laziest. Oh no.. I do not fall into that category yet. In fact, it baffles me sometimes about the career choices that I’ve made. Here is another of my colleague at work who is leaving the job and he is one of the fine developers I have witnessed.  

Often, times I pondered over, what makes one person better at their jobs that I admired and looked up to at work? What makes them set apart from crowd? How do they do it?.  I came across wonderful leaders in my career path and learned tidbits along the way. When I look back at my professional or personal life so far, I did not come so far as much as I wanted myself to be at. Somewhere along the line, I lost that zeal to achieve, compete with world, compete with self and never put in any effort to improve myself. I just got by. I worked because I had to work for living; I was just an average at anything and everything.  I can go on and on with self-blame and that puts us in downward spiral and yet it is just a human nature we do it all the time.

But, now as I gain knowledge, meet people, learn more stories,  I kind of go into self-evaluation mode, today is such a day and I want to change how I am, where I am and what I want from my life.  Even the most minute stuff that had bothered me..I am going to address them for betterment of future. And, here we go.. I started on it. This change is difficult but I am so willing to put all the effort required for next 6 months and see to myself how life changes in general and comes into some perspective that I have envisioned.  But one thing my journey so far has taught me is – Life comes with its own challenges and surprises. Change is inevitable. Embrace it.

One of my dearest friends says – it is just 10% talent and rest of 90% is hard work. You get better at something if you pour your whole heart in.  I went off-balance with what I intended to write, but I think this marks the beginning of the change that I want.

Yes yes, you heard it right.. So wish me the best.

Skills required for living in this era – all it takes is shift in ATTITUDE!

Abstractness everywhere(Src: Google Images)

Abstractness everywhere
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Is it a competition?

Or is it lack of opportunities per person?

Or is there a drastic shift in how things have been shaping up in last couple decades?

Whatever the reason may be, it sure is not the case for one to relax as soon as you are out of college and land in a job. I thought this was the case only with people working for private institutions but it has slowly spread to government employees as well.

I work for a private organization,  My job is reliant on the type of skill set I possess or for that matter it is in a way mandatory to have varied skill set ranging from people skills to technological skills to being able to take complete responsibility of the task. Initially when I started career, I resisted acquiring additional skills set after some point, and thought learning is a never ending process as I mentioned in my earlier blog post. But, to face exorbitant demands in this competitive world and sustain through it, one needs to be on top of the things.

A slight shift in attitude or perspective will take us long way in life and in career.  One needs to be always motivated and make it fun to acquire as much of diversified skill-set one can and never be afraid to take a different route when presented with opportunities along the way.

Sounds good in theory. Isn’t?

Honestly speaking, that does make sense in every way or Darwin’s law of evolution- survival of the fittest is true but in different sense. For instance, I take some fun-work-out classes here in NYC to get away from stress at work. This instructor is a dance choreographer and found a way to establish a career and brand in offering Cardio exercise in a fun-filled way. Being open to ideas have helped her immensely and made her stand out from the crowd.

So, do you think changing the attitude, shifting your focus and pursue your dreams..

or stay where you are and complain about the situations that gets you no-where..

Which of the above options would be useful?

What’s your take?

What do I say?

A conversation between a lady that I met at some event.. It goes like this after basic initial conversations of where about’s, and her job is to help empower women to reach their highest potential and find what they love to do and succeed in what ever they choose. Very interesting I thought .. and this conversation made me look back why I am doing what I am doing.

Her: What do you do?

Me: I work in the IT industry.

Her: Do you love what you do?

Me: I found nothing better than what I do at this point that pays me decently.

Her: I know many women, who under-estimate themselves and they do the job that they do not like and are not happy.

Do you love what you do?
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I pondered over the thought of “Do I really love what I do?” and as I look back… I have lived almost all of my life in India where “Survival of smartest” gets applied to majority of the population. As far as I remember.. our family which comes from farming background, our generation is the one who got college education and I know how hard it is to get admissions into college or secure a job after graduation, it’s a constant struggle. And on top of that, we have limited resources, options and choices left to even explore what one loves.

The only aim and purpose of the human life is to, study & graduate (if you can afford), run a business/get a job, provide support to family, get married, have kids, retire, get old and die and cycle repeats.. Well may be not. India has been advancing in many aspects of all the fields and now-a-days people are being aware of available choices. So, before you judge, India is not like the way they show in OSCAR winning movies like “Slumdog Millionaire”, That is awful that they projected India such a way and they consider that as close to reality.  I get frustrated when some one asks me “If India is more like that movie”. Seriously, get your head straight people!

If one has to support the family, sometimes even the extended family, would you think of finding what you love? You would have to love what you do. With the financial problems, majority of us have no time, energy or are aware of even thinking of finding and doing what we love. Instead, we study or learn the skill that provides us the job. Yes, I never thought about it until I came to America where I was surprised to see a friend of mine who changed several majors until he found what he likes to do. Steve Jobs emphasizes the same fact too.. ”keep searching until you find what you love”. May be, this applies to very few people who are not tied down with any other responsibilities and life at their will. It does not mean to discourage any others who are passionate about finding what they love to do.. and of course any one can do at any point in their life.

…I would leave the conclusion to readers of what they think is right according to them. Would love to hear back from you about your thoughts on “Do you love what you do and why?”

Life time learning – is it a never ending saga?

Learning is an life time experience

..I always wanted to grow up faster, finish studies and land up in a job so that I do not have to ever worry about learning subject and giving exams.

I was so relieved and excited the day I graduated. Time to rejoice, no more super vision by parents, a job, new people, new place, and yes I got my very first car too. I was totally on cloud nine until a week passed into my job.

As the ancient saying goes “The beginning of the end”..but for me it is “the beginning of the real-drama in life that tests what you have been prepared to do for so many years”.

The first real-job I landed wanted me to learn new technology, systems, environment, and required to possess problem solving skills to fix, initiate or finish the projects ahead of dead lines and with minimum supervision. So, I had to venture back my energy and time into learning, adapting, acting spontaneously, and being responsible. To even spice up, and stay ahead of my compatriots, one needs to be on top of the things, be it from business front, or knowledge about cheapest, best and latest technologies that will help perform your job efficiently one has to spend some time on researching new IT products released into market. I had to even give some Certification exams just to show the world that I have some standard agreeable level of knowledge. Sadly, I still give certification exams just to be updated with the current technology that I am working on. (*sigh* Competition, competition every where).

I thought, it’s great that I now possess all the skills to do the job and I can put an end to learning.. As I enter into comfort zone, only then I was put on a new project, new team and my life came back to square one. Yes, sad isn’t?  I had to start all over again. It happened every time on every new project that changes on the average of 6 months to 1.5 years. I hated it for choosing this kind of job stream and being in this position.

Transition happened so seamlessly that I found my comfort zone in this uncertainty of this modern age when recession hit. I got so used to learning and adapting to situations by then that it wasn’t too difficult to switch to a totally new technology and still do my best. And, I pride myself in helping others during that tough time in providing the necessary support.

My parents have always said – “if you work hard now, you’ll be happy later”. But I think, what they meant as.. If you work hard now and you will eventually get used to it and obviously you’ll be happy coz your mindset has that attitude. I totally second their thoughts.

Bottom line: Be in life or career, Change is the only consistent thing and we will be learning every single day.. Yes every single day!… We are students for lifetime. The sooner we accept this fact, the more fun it is. I know, I have learned it a very hard way.

Do you have such stories?  Go ahead and share.. I would love to hear back from you.