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Day 21 : Winter Madness

I have been going on and off with cold from last 2 weeks. I continue on medication for 3 days as prescribed, I get better and then I get sick again. I would blame on my lifestyle choices. Not getting enough sleep, no work out and disturbed routines, and not having a nutritious diet along with work stress, all of it is leading to distress and drop in energy levels. It has been warm winter so far, but at times the weather is very unpredictable with extreme variation. Which is also taking a toll on my health. My immunity for some reason is going bonkers.

See, I had grand plans of ice skating which I found is just 2 miles away from my home, skiing weekends in the mountains is falling behind. I was excited to learn that there is a holiday coming up and is a perfect time to go for skiing, get tired, recover from body pains and go back to work. All of it does not seem to materialize. Growing up, even if i wanted to be sick, i never did. If they have to give me 100 % attendance award, I would totally score it. Now, at work, there are limited sick leaves, glad they even give them at all. The problem with sick leaves is, if you have committed to some deliverable’s , it is extra stress on you to finish anyway. That is exactly my situation. I may have to work in the weekends to compensate for lost time, those meetings, un-avoidable calls even when you are sick is current state of affairs in my life. How can you even manage?

To keep up with my resolutions, I have made 3 attempts this week to make to yoga, was about to step out and then my instructor sends a text message of being cancelled. It has happened every single time. Not sure, if I even want to continue the yoga classes with this instructor, unfortunately it’s the only closest and convenient option for me. Instances like this in combination with my own lack of discipline is wasting my money. Yes, it is not that cheap, in fact going to gym and gym classes are much economical than going to just yoga class alone. This cancellation of classes unfortunately coincided with my days of making up my mind to go back is quite demotivating.

I do enjoy snow, and the seasons that change bring different feelings. You see good with bad, I dislike this cold weather and prefer to stay indoors, and that causes cloudiness in my head and gloominess in mood, and that forces myself to step out for a while to get some fresh air. It also gives me some sense of pleasant feeling, don’t we all do?

How do you spend your winter? What excites you more about it? Most importantly, I enjoy any warm tea, sipping when it’s cold is a nice feeling. Yes, going to rest room isn’t 😉 . So, let’s just focus on only good part and now tell me why do you like Winter?