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Resolutions are renewable every year



.. no kidding, alright you can renew your resolutions every year like you renew your any of leases or green energy or could be anything? on the plus side, the resolution renewal cost you nothing. Well, may be some guilt, laziness, memory and energy wastage. Although, I do not remember taking any resolutions last year but I did get into too many activities in last mid-year.  It’s past 6 months now and I am still clinging onto them. Am I not supposed to make brand new resolutions this year? asks other part of my brain.

Instead of making new resolutions this year, I decided to throw in some more ingredients “Discipline”,  “Patience” and “Perseverance” into existing ones to make the dish more meaningful and ready to be served. More importantly, I want to give-away the habit of “Cribbing and Complaining” .. any one interested in taking this? It’s FREE FREE FREE.  It is not always a good idea to take everything in just because you are getting for free. The payback is often expensive!

It is very easy to give up on things in life and in general, yet beautiful things do evolve if we keep positive mind set about the situations and have undying hope in life. With this positive mind set, I am setting out an target (to be achieved) to remain disciplined in every activity that I have already taken up and in day to day life.  (my other part of brain says :an oath.. really?, are you kidding me?).

As you can see, there is always this fight that goes on head. Another resolution is to stick to my resolutions. Period. On that note, Wish you all a wonderful New Year ahead and hope your dreams and aspirations come true. Make sure you create positive energy around you by just being positive about the situations even in the worst times.  ohh well.. forget not to dream big !

Do you have any resolutions taken this year?