Dreams and Emotions

Do you get dreams when you sleep? do you remember them? I get a ton of dreams, sometimes they are as vivid as one could get, it feels real, I act real and my emotions are real. Then suddenly I wake up to realize that’s a dream. Lately, I’ve started analyzing what it means to me in my waking life, I identify the opportunities for improvement. There are things from the past, relationship with friends, relatives, family, and colleagues come into play. How I feel and react given a situation is something that’s getting better, and it directly correlates to my waking life. More precisely, how my subconscious thinks and acts in any given situation. This is what I feel the ultimate goal of meditation, or to attain Nirvana means? You will get to the state of mind that you observe the facts as is without any attachments. That is extremely difficult, I am beginning to understand some bits here and there.

I’m in mid-thirties now and even at this age, I’m still rest-less. Never satisfied with life, and the feeling that life is short and there is so much to accomplish is bothersome. I am equally afraid. Life can be hard. This is the age where I am seeing all sorts of things like my friends taking risks in venturing into businesses, prospering in careers,  are expecting babies, some single parents, some still dating, some of them entangled with more kids, schools, work, aging parental care and the never ending responsibilities are taking over them. I feel I’m way behind in personal and professional life. I always thought there is so much time in life, so I do not act on things with urgency, so here I am, this morning I feel the intensity of how time is slipping through the cracks of the fingers and I cannot hold it. No one can. There seems to be blur between reality and dream now. The things that bother me in waking life are the things that haunt me in my dreams as well. It all makes sense now to understand how important it is to feed healthy information to brain. Brain is the root cause of all the worries. If we do not address that, then the life journey is more painful than joyous.

There is always time for what’s more important. I should learn to identify and prioritize it. Saying “No” is still challenging for me, which leaves me with lot of guilt for no reason!

Closing with Vivekananda’s perspective on dreams (Source)!

In dream our souls read a layer of our mind which we do not read in our waking hours, and however unsubstantial imagination may be, it is behind the imagination that all unknown psychic truths lie.

What’s your take on dreams? How do you feel about them?



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