Day 12: Showing up

I have been reading this book by Scott Adams, a Dilbert cartoonist, who emphasized the fact of showing up whether you feel like it or not. The context is more specific to exercising. Of course, he spoke about many aspects of his life and some take-a-ways that may or may not apply to everyone, but it gave me an interesting perspective in certain spheres of life. Early winter time and getting late to bed at times wanted me push aside my daily yoga routine. This is when, I willed to at least dress up, show up at class even though I did not do my best in doing Asanas was one thing I consistently did. In the last month, I can say I did yoga 80% of the total time allocated, which is a great achievement for me.

Although, I could not extend this to other areas of my routines yet, I am planning to expand it slowly. The author Scott Adams emphasized on setting up the system and not goals. What he means by it is, system is a routine and you would most likely to continue. Whereas, goals once achieved, we usually feel satisfied and give up on them. Also, if we fail in the system, we do not feel that bad but when we fail to achieve goals we do get de-motivated. Slight shift in perspective and changing the attitude will go a long way in times of trying to achieve something.  Due to my recently acquired habit of rising early, not only was I able to have a discipline of exercising , eating, sleeping all on time, but also I feel great and happy for achieving just those in my life.

There are many areas that I could just show up even if that is for other’s benefits. Showing up to support them in their endeavors means a lot to them. For instance, I am not a big fan of attending baby or bridal showers unless I am actively participating in organizing the event. You barely get to talk to the host, showing up means to have given a precious gift of time and attention to them, and other material gifts of course.  If the hosts show up late, that is totally different thing, which happens more frequently in my universe.   Does it happen to you?  Baby showers, birthdays and farewells are the most common thing at my work place, I show up, it’s simple, small and we all participate in organizing, decorating, brainstorming ideas and getting gifts. Most importantly it is one of a kind bonding with colleagues. It’s fun afternoon. Short is sweet.

Writing blog every day is like showing up, I think about it and hardly get to write. Writing a blog post itself presents challenge, but writing 500 words is clearly the most difficult task. Don’t you all agree? I have hit writer’s block several times. I cannot begin to tell you – how thoughts do not flow many a times. No wonder, you see delay in my posts. I hope to come back to this place sometime sooner than later. Until then, enjoy the end of year!



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