Day 11 : Willpower

There is only so much of willpower for anyone in any given day. I have taken on so many things professionally that it is creeping into my personal space. In fact, I hardly differentiate between my professional and personal setting.  And that is a problem, I spend my nights and weekends stressing about solving some business problem, and during business hours I think about doing something outside work space that will keep me motivated and look forward with positive energy every day.   But, I would like to draw a line between these two areas and focus on what is important and should get done during the time allocated. There are exceptions, of course.  As long as those exceptions do not become routine, that should balance both lives well.

Blog post a day was one of the activity that I undertook few weeks back. I slacked. No excuse. Although, I have tried to write at times but never went beyond few lines due to some or the other distraction. At times, the topics or the flow just does not strike. That de-motivated to me by some extent. Also, writing is like meditation, you would need a quiet place, with no overweighing items in your head to focus on. Things have been rough lately and I am trying to get better with my time management.

Given, so much going on in my daily life, that to say is not even significant to call it out. Those daily mundane chores, the commute, the challenging work, the TV shows, my re-addition of reading books, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping,  yoga and phone calls are taking away my what-so-ever little willpower that I have.  In addition to those, there are more responsibilities around inviting people, travelling to meet family, friends, pending tasks that need my attention. To sum up, there are way too many one does, which will make you pick one over the other if there is more work. So, when the thought of playing piano occurred or reading a book happened, I had to give up something to accommodate that. How does it work for you?

Where do you get that willpower from? What motivates you to live your life fully? Sure, there are times that I just do not want to do anything. This morning was difficult for me to wake up, I have been watching supernatural shows and I dreamt about paranormal activities leading to not-so-restful sleep. I had to battle within to make it to yoga. I had difficulties in doing regular yoga poses. I over ate yesterday night, and was well de-hydrated all day yesterday due to heavy workload. I guess, all of these got culminated into me wanting to hold on to sustain my willpower. It is not a bed of flowers every day. There are some thorns surfacing once in a while, all we need is to pick them out as much as you can.

One thing that worked for me so far in going to my yoga class every day is that I did not have a goal. I took each day as it came. And that is what I am striving towards in some other areas of life.

One day at a time for the greater good.

P.S: Looking forward to hear from you on what motivates you every day to have the willpower you need to get going?


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