Day 8: Waking up early

It is natural that when you sleep early, you would be up early. As simple as it may sound, with so many distractions and stress levels at home and work these days does not make it easy.  I read lot of articles on the benefits of waking up early and starting the day early, followed robin sharma’s blog on 5 am club, none of them got me started.  Wishing to do is one thing, but actually doing is another. In India, especially in a village setting, the entire village wakes up before sun rises, get many things accomplished and end the day soon. It was easy to follow, it was also cultural and it has lot to do with social dependencies.

In the current time frame, I hardly make social contact to get the work done. I order everything online, there are professional services for everything. I spend hours together on the internet without any time or energy left for social interactions. There is no boundary between when the day ends and the next begins. I would sleep late in the night, wake up groggy, and start my day late, swamped with meetings or urgent but not important work makes up for most part of my day. This has been a continuing trend for most part of my life, ever since I started working.

It often happens when I visit India, I’ll come back with jet lag, that one week is so fruitful as I get to start my day early with renowned spirit, get things accomplished, feel great and go to bed early. Those times, are something I truly wish to happen every day. A week or two into that, I am back to pavilion. But, this time around I wanted to continue waking up early, once you get addicted to morning routine, it is hard to break the habit.  I am not there yet. And that is one of the main reason I started yoga in the morning hours, having a plan or goal to work on early in the day, will make you look forward to it.  No amount of preaching will do, only when you experience the bliss of starting your day early is when you get to do it. It is as simple as that. And it is often simple things are hard to achieve. Don’t you think so?

Well, it is very early of morning journey to speak the benefits, but in the last 2 weeks, all I can say is – my weekdays and weekends were productive to some extent. It is getting better by day and I just hope and try very hard to not slip back into my previous routine.

If you are determined to wake up early in the morning, but find it hard to do so, here are few useful tips that helped me. It took me a while to get there and the work is still in progress.

  1. Going to bed early does not come that easy for a late night person.
  2. Start in 15 minute increments, go to bed 15 minutes early, wake up 15 mins early and continue improving day by day in 15 minute increments. It does not take much toll on you and it is very realistic until you start feeling natural.
  3. Most importantly, you need to have a morning routine to get you going and feel inspired to continue. Like going to gym, taking a walk or anything that excites you to get started. Yoga excites me, and so as writing on something (not always, but I am enjoying it so far)
  4. Stick to some routines and that makes your transition easier.

Please add if you have any additional tips that helped you and who knows that might help me and also others?  Are you a morning person? If so, how does that feel?

P.S: This is part of 500 word challenge, if you skip a day, you pick where you have left and continue. That is exactly what I did.  And yes, there were no edits done.


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