Day 6: Time off from screen?

I do not really know how time slips by when I sit in front of any electronic device watching videos. Minutes slip into hours , then into days, weeks and years go by. Watching the kind of shows that do, does not even improve my knowledge in anyway. Is that good? not good for health, eyes or even for brain. Like any other addiction, this is mine. Any one out there in the same league as me?

I have been trying to be intentional about watching TV, but I am just so into it that I keep postponing the thought almost indefinitely. Ever since, I started this yoga, or this 500 word challenge, not long back ago, I want to add “No Screen time” to my challenge list. Every challenge that one takes up requires immense will power and I certainly do not want to overwhelm it to an extent that I give up on everything. Looking forward to watch some TV show towards the end of the day is my little pleasure after a long day’s work. Not only that, if I were to stay home for a weekend, I would watch back to back movies on Youtube, Netflix or Amazon. I feel terrible by end of  the day for not finishing the planned tasks, or any important work that has been pending for quite a while. That incomplete work adds to my stress. The cycle repeats and the only thing I see visible is my white hair increasing rapidly.

I really want to add “Screen off” to my existing list of things, but I almost gave up writing everyday here, and gave up yoga for 3 days straight. As much as thought I have been productive, writing 500 words is time consuming and that it occupies my mind until I get this done. But, I can start in small doses instead of going all out at once. I really want to see what changes it brings into my life. Yoga and blogging are adding some dimension to my otherwise aimless life. These two activities discipline me and one that challenges my physical abilities and the other my mental abilities to some extent leading to better time management. Well, do I have a choice there? May be I’ll some day become yogi with all the serenity and looking at every situation more objectively than emotionally. Who know’s what is in the store? May be with the time I save from “Watching TV” will take me to some where interesting.

Did any one out here challenged yourself with “No Screen time”? I can only imagine how much I can accomplish if I could cut down on my screen time even by 1/4th. Now, the question is how do i motivate myself? and where do I begin with? As usual, it looks like a pattern in me to look for motivation in quotes and also represent my current state of mind – i should just collect them at one place.

“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction”

“You can have whatever you are willing to struggle for”

P.S: This is part of 500 word challenge, if you skip a day, you pick where you left and continue. That is exactly what I did.  And yes, there were no edits done.



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