Day 5: Transformation

There are days where you just have nothing to speak or write about. The flow just does not happen. This is when I look for other sources of inspiration. On my first day of blogging for 500 day challenge,  I was suggested to use WordPress daily prompt to get ideas by thoughts36. The first thought that came to my mind, when thoughts36 suggested to write on “Transformation”  is mathematics, signals and systems and mostly Laplace Transformations. I would not go into those math details around how they are instrumental in various advancements in technology and so forth. Besides, I really do not know much about them in practical context. I have to turn the pages back to re-read to write about it here. And that is not my intention here.

Instead, we can speak of real transformation in general. The dictionary states the meaning of transformation as “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”. On the other hand, I would like to think that transformation is gradual. Sequence of things over a period of time will lead to a different phenomena. Time is variable and is relative. You might have noticed with yourself, when you look back in time, what you were like then to what you are now?  Don’t you notice differences? For instance, the way you speak or dress or think or do things, as you gain experiences , if you have any set backs or a open minded person with interest in improving in on certain things would kick this process of transformation. You may not notice unless you are conscious about it, but others will definitely, especially if you do not meet them often.

One such instance where I have not met this friend in real long time, so her perception of me stands still from that time and so as mine. So, there were some conflicts on what each other’s perception is and how we handled our differences came as a surprise to both of us. We forget, that there has been a time gap and we have had different experiences which we had not shared with each other in a long while. They come up here and there and you show up your angle as the situation demands and that is not usually what the other’s expects. This is a transformation that has changed you as a person. Here is where, either you choose to accept the difference of opinions and respect each other and continue the friendship, or if that makes you lose your peace of mind, it is probably best to not continue that friendship. It was definitely new to learn and catch up with good old friends. Oh and as you grow older, you tend to be strongly opinionated and stubborn. No wonder, you would make very few close friends as life advances. Don’t you agree?

Or there other kind of transformations, that an experience in life triggers you to take some extreme steps. What ever may be the path, life is full of experiences, transformations and more..

Do you have any stories of transformations that changed your life for good, if so, in what way?  What is the trigger? I would love to hear them.

P.S: It is part of 500 words challenge, one of the rule is to not edit and of course, I followed the rules and wrote what ever came to my mind today.


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