Day 4: Fridays and Possibilities

For some reason, friday reminds me of this song – “It’s friday by Rebecca“, forwarded by a friend of mine few years back. The song is so cheery and reminds you of school days. Now, when you get to adulthood and for a procrastinator like me, every small house hold chores that adds up over time is successfully postponed as a weekend activity. That is one thing, I would never look forward to do in the weekend.  Actually, who does?

If you were a regular reader of my blog, you would have already read about my struggle with managing home, work and life in general. It is very chaotic. I can never ever feel I am done and have time this weekend. Despite, the time management issues, I have some how managed to sneak in to attend few classes here and there to satiate my curiosity for new things. If for any reason, if I end up being out and about partying over friday, my chores eventually get postponed to following weekend and so on, until they pile up leading to high-stress levels.

You might question as to how going out on friday spoils my entire weekend? you see, I go out on friday, leading to coming home very late into night, that leads to a lazy saturday and sure day slips by. And at times, I have to catch up with friends on saturday and that leads to late sunday. By then, I would just have enough time to get around to laundry and may be grocery shopping. That’s about it. That is one of the main reason why I am forcing myself to do morning yoga. That to some extent forces to me to utilize my day. If I were to look at it objectively, those are clearly excuses and an easy way out. At times, there are few weekends with active social life and also a lot more get’s accomplished.

How do you typically spend your fridays? or weekends? I almost feel like i am stuck in a rat-race in a not-so-beneficial-cycle-of-lifestyle. There is this movie that I watched recently called “Last Holiday”, where in the main character has a book called “Possibilities” of things that she wished to do. Eventually, those things happen. I know it is a movie and obviously everything will happen as they plan to. Happy ending. Who does not like such a beautiful ending?. Although, reality is far from different, but i like the idea of jotting down list of possibilities.  Did any one read “The Secret” by “Rhonda Byrne? it talks about keeping positive intentions and truly believe that you get what you wish for. For that matter, any one who prays for something very intensely and get’s it? I feel, there is some science behind it, that we tend to do things in that direction. Having faith and effort to achieve those goals make you want to not give up until you get it. I will start with realistic and achievable list of possibilities for just today and this weekend in particular. Call it a list making and if that helps, why not?

Any takers or believers in such things? Did that work for you?

P.S: It is part of 500 word challenge, one of the rule is to not edit as you write. So, pardon me with all the mistakes. Your feedback/comments are greatly appreciated.



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