Day 2 : Time is constant

Don’t you think that time is constant per any given day?  Yet, the things we want to accomplish vary, in fact it sounds endless always. I am in this situation almost all the time. I have been learning about the importance of certain things much later in life. Better late than never really applies in certain situations. One really need to know or perhaps write down what the most important things  one want to accomplish or continue to work on,  be it in personal or professional life and everywhere else where ever it deems fit.

It is foolish that we think we have unlimited time on earth and yet we take time for granted. Don’t we all? Some of you may be exceptional. I have failed to understand this very basic point in life, not that I understood now, but it nails down to that.  Even, if I think time is constant, I tend to do many things at a time and fail at them terribly.

For instance, for the love of dancing and that I have never danced in life, wanted to master  in 3 different forms of dances at the same time. So, I went ahead and enrolled in all the three of them and went to 5 classes of hour long each and an hour one-way commute. Given that, I don’t even do any sort of physical exercises, I ended up in hospital that very week for straining my neck and unbearable back pain. Dear doctor suggested that I visit spinal cord specialist and gave medicine for relieving muscle spasms.  For the fear of any possible surgery, physical therapy or of after-math out of pocket expenses in my mind, I did not entertain any of those options. Eventually, I recovered. But, that took me over 6 months. And all the class packages that I got were expired.  Time, money and health all went into drain all at once.

Did I learn anything from there? Not much, I still continue to do many things at a time. But, I tend to forget that for everything that is on plate requires energy and motivation. We are not robots and cannot function at 100% all the time. Yet, we over estimate our capacities and over load ourselves without factoring in on all other factors that contribute for energy and time drainers.  Do you agree?

How many of you my dear readers follow the principle of doing one thing at a time? Or in a situation where I currently belong?

With that in mind, I hope to focus on one thing at a time. Moreover, research also says that doing one thing at a time is more efficient than multiple things at once. I would like to extend this philosophy to my personal, professional and any other lives that I tend to live. Most importantly, getting important things despite it drains my energy and momentum out of me. It sure does not sound easy, and I am going to give my best to follow the path I set forth for myself. One thing done is one less thing to worry about. Slowly but steadily, I’ll get there soon enough.

P.S: It is part of 500 word challenge, one of the rule is to not edit and of course, I followed the rules and wrote what ever came to my mind today.


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