Archive | September 2016

De-Cluttering the blog

I am not sure what motivated me this morning, perhaps the jetlag from my recent travel or a sudden realization that I have not come to this space for longest time possible or the fact that I visit only few blogs regularly made me go through plenty of my subscribed blog list and un-follow them.

In this cleaning process, I am very sure that I might have let go of few that I am very fond of. Albeit, this process made me feel lighter. I wish to do the same in each and every area of my life, for instance too many social obligations to fulfill, too many things to get rid of at home, too much of pending work which is important but not prioritized , these are some of many that are adding to my existing stress levels. No wonder, my hair grayed out a lot more in the last one year than ever.

I wish (read resolve) to stop accumulating unwanted things and all the ships (It is the most difficult thing to do, I could not resist shopping! huh!) . One day, which will be sooner (read hope!!) than later, one thing at a time, surely but steadily, will be letting go of junk from my life. I am on that path and I’m certain that I’ll attain that space where I feel lighter and happier in life.

Have you guys heard the story of hare and tortoise? I started off like hare, but turned out like a tortoise! But, hey from the story you know who wins? and who lives longer? I am not sure about later part.