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Entertainment videos vs Studying

Have you ever felt, learning something for your benefit which is related to your school/career feels like trekking a huge mountain than reading/watching entertainment channels?

For me it totally does. I have absolutely no problem, in sitting in front of TV, watching my entire evenings and weekends away. I accrue no guilt over that, none of the shows that I watch, increase my general knowledge in anyway. Where as, If I were to watch videos pertaining to my career growth and things like that, just 20 minutes into it, will make my brain wander to all sorts of directions. I watch these videos just like I watch movies.

The movies can be caught up with, especially the kind of simple movies with no hidden layers of complexity that I mostly watch. The same rule or style does not apply to these videos, a part missed is missed, and what you build on top of it only fails as you miss the concept, leading to re-iteration, several times.  For instance, for movies like Inception, I had to put all my attention and focus on that and yet, I still could not figure out if that was a dream or real towards the end. The videos that I have to watch to understand the concept is similar to inception and of course there is more to it, it requires my undivided attention and extra effort to grasp and follow at the same time. On top of that, I need to remember or ingrain those ideas into my head that will help clear any certifications required. Not an easy task for me, at least not until I groove into the idea of focusing and getting serious about it.

I have close to 300 minutes of video watching to do. I divided the task into 30 minute chunks and planning on taking breaks and treat myself with something as I successfully complete.

How do you handle such things?