One of those days

I am the epitome of executing Murphy ’s Law this morning. I woke up early to get to have an early start at work.  Food was prepared yesterday for dinner and today’s lunch, packed, dishes cleaned. All I have to do was make chapathi’s for two this morning before heading out to work. I skipped making chai, hurried to make chapathi’s – all of it took from waking up to stepping out – exactly 1 hr 10 minutes. I could not believe myself taking so much time. Every minute counted and every step evaluated to the T the day before and yet I am so late. Then, I rushed to get to the bus, and it was so full that it did not stop, so I hauled my way in the windy cold weather to the train station. There I come, with no trips left in my train card, morning rush with long lines to get the train card re-filled took forever, to top it my numerous attempts to fill it failed with access denied. I had to switch to another card to re-fill it, and in the process I missed the train. The next train I caught, was full with barely any space to stand comfortably, luckily I got a seat and I felt slightly better given that nothing worked out as I wanted until then.

Every minute delayed, only got added to my target arrival time at work. I had some paper work to finish and that required printing and scanning, the sad story that at this unfortunate time, I was out of ink in my home printer – so this planning was important as the documents needs to be scanned almost urgently and sent out to the parties involved.

As soon as I came, I just had 4 minutes to fill out some paper work, print, scan and send – this took me good 20 minutes. I delayed by 18 minutes than promised time frame. I planned everything so well and thought I gave so much buffer time for myself, alas, it wasn’t.

That surely is interesting start of the day – I hope, there are not many anomalies in my TODAY.

Do you have such days? How do you deal with it?


4 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Ah, those shitty days and I hate them even more when the weather is bad,, 😦
    You will be fine.. Put on some music, drink a nice cup of coffee and take deep breaths. You’ve got this, my friend.


  2. Ohoo, that was a bad day but look at brighter side, you did OK.Things were done even though it was not exactly like you planned. In life there will be many things where things won’t go as you plan so don’t be down. Hugs .

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