All about oats

Lately, I have incorporated oats into my breakfast regime in an on and off basis.  One cup (156 g) of oats contain – 103 g of carbs, 26g of protein and 17g of fiber.  All, I have heard was that oats is rich in fiber and no one really spoke about how much carbs it contains and the calories -676, these statistics blew my mind. I compared this to one cup of basmati rice and the carbs were 45 g, mere 0.6g of fiber and accounts for 206 calories. Now, I am not sure which one is better, especially when you want to get maximum nutrition and yet maintain or lose weight. The fiber seems to be of importance in many aspects of health. This website seems to give some level of accuracy on how much daily intake of fiber is required and how to account for it here.  And here is another website that lists top 10 sources of fiber.

So much for that, I decided to use up steel cut oats that were sitting in my fridge for ever. I quickly grind a cup of oats, add veggies to it and let it sit for few minutes and there you go.


1 cup oats – powdered.

1/4 of medium sized cabbage – thinly sliced

Green chillies, bit of cilantro/coriander(optional) leaves and salt per your taste

Nuts of your choice – shredded. (optional)


1 cup oats – powdered

Spinach  or parsley or tomatoes – grind it along with oats or separately and mix them together

green chillies, bit of cilantro (optional), salt – as per your taste buds.

Nuts of your choice – shredded. (optional)

How to: Mix them together, pour water enough to be able to make pan cakes. Let it sit for 10 minutes, turn on the stove with your pan and start making spicy fiber rich quick meal breakfast pancakes.

If you would like to add eggs to above recipes – you can – they turn out great too. Similarly, you can add any combination of vegetables, nuts and they turn out super delicious.

Serve warm with – any kind of green chutney or coconut chutney or peanut chutney or even hummus – it tastes great. Or you could just have them as is without anything on the side.

If I find myself with some time in the mornings, I will quickly make them and have it.

Of course, you can even make sweeter version with banana’s and berries as well – I am sure it tastes as good. I just prefer spicy aspect of it. Nuts gives that extra added crunch while eating. I just fell in love with this quick and easy recipe.

Any nutritionist out there? or make conscious food choices for nurturing your bodies, what measures do you take to include healthy diet without surviving much on vitamin supplements?



23 thoughts on “All about oats

  1. I used to eat overnight oats for breakfast for months before I got bored and switched to one whole wheat slice of bread and a scoop of natural peanut butter. Also, too much milk was going into me, courtesy oats and smoothies and causing tummy issues.
    You can try my recipe one day. Just put 2-3 tbsp of oats, 1 tbsp nuts(I used trail mix with cranberries and choc chips) and put almond milk(extra calcium) till it covers the oats plus an extra half cm layer. Sweetness is taken care of with almond milk and trail mix. Put a lid on the bowl. Keep this in the fridge overnight and just have it in the morning or carry it to work if you don’t get time for breakfast like me.

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    • Apparently, oats absorb lots of water and overnight soaking is not recommended. I would say, have all the ingredients ready, mix it up in the morning, let it sit for 5-7 minutes and start making pan cakes. Let me know how it goes.


      • Hey – I don’t think that overnight soaking is bad. I have been soaking my oats overnight always and don’t think it affects anything.. If they absorb more water so be it and logically it should affect us in a bad way. Then, thats my school of thought..


      • Hey I tried this recipe. But the pancakes refused to come off the pan. I eventually added a handful of rice flour and only then I was able to lift them off the pan. I use a nonstick pan and I kept the heat the same way I do for uttapams. Any idea why it didn’t work?


  2. I propagate eating oats to most of my friends. For people with moderate-high exercise level it is a great food with low GI. Also, 1/2 cup of oats are sufficient to make you feel full.

    My fav oats recipes are:
    1. I soak oats overnight in unsweetened almond milk/ water and in the morning I add berries and nuts to it. It was a tad difficult earlier with no sugar being added but with time and more raisins it was taken care of

    2. I boil dates in little water and then use that mixture to soak oats overnight. Works like a charm

    3. I make standard oats upma at home (Replace sooji with oats thats all)

    4. Every time I make khichdi I replace half of rice with oats. I used to eat it as my post workout meal after early morning workouts

    Great idea, I will do a post on Oats now 🙂

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    • Hi SA, I am definitely going to try option #1 with option #2 combination 🙂 sweeter is better than getting used to 🙂 🙂
      for #3 and #4 – definitely better than sooji in terms of what it offers.
      so for #4 – when do you add oats during kichidi making process? at the same time as rice?
      Looking forward to read your post on oats 🙂 When are you writing? I just went to your blog to see and it is not there yet.. waiting here!


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