Hectic days

I do not know how and why I have over committed at work. It has been crazy the past few weeks. I have been working week nights as well as weekends. I have so many things that are pressing that needs to be addressed but I decide to just focus on work and get done with it. It is January 26th already, wonder how time flew by this fast.  I crave for that relaxed vacation without the thought of hosting anyone, daily chores, meeting friends or family or attending any events and just have that time to take a step back and give my body and mind much needed rest from all the rat race. Is that a reality? Life is what we make out of it – isn’t? But, that seems like a distant future for me at the moment.

Time and again, I end up focusing on things that does not let me progress in the direction I want to. At the same time, life happens. Time management is an art that can be acquired with due diligence. My brain wanders a lot and has the smallest attention span possible. It loses the interest and obviously momentum.  The best example is – when you are in meeting rooms, I get lost in my own world and suddenly someone calling my name brings me back to my senses, and by the time I respond, the question that was targeted towards me has never reached my brain in the first place.  Does it happen to you?

People at my work leave around 4, well, they come in at 7, and it is fair that they leave at that time. On the other hand, I have been over working from past few days and I am so tempted to leave early and I have to swallow that temptation and divert my attention to get the work done.  I guess today, I will make that exception – come what may, I will get that much needed rest this evening. Rest can be handled tomorrow. Well, I am not a life-saving doctor and my work is not a critically-ill patient ;). I am tired and I need some rest to be productive tomorrow.

How do you deal with tight deadlines and hectic work schedules?


2 thoughts on “Hectic days

  1. Just some thoughts on what worked for us –

    My husband has always been this busy, busy, hectic person who works long hours and gets little time to relax. He says it’s not entirely his company’s fault, he needs to get more organized, so he can get more free time. But being organized is simply not in his DNA:) I’ve started helping him get and stay more organized.
    – The first thing we did is establish a day to day routine divided into 1/2 hour chunks – this schedule helped him get everything in – exercise, email checking, taking that class, dry cleaners and other errands, even 10 minutes of meditation. One can treat such a routine as a rough guideline (allow minor changes depending on how the day is going) or as something written in stone – whatever helps one be more efficient.
    – Every weekend we sit down and look at his week ahead. He tries to look at the big picture – should I really take on that project, is it worth it, or should I focus on something more value added. Then, he makes decisions about those big picture things – what goes on the list, what should be deleted.
    Now he has a shorter/more manageable list and is working on the right things, so the energy goes where it needs to go.

    Hope you find something that works for you and gives you more free time:)


    • Definitely Priya, the take away from your suggestion is being organized & your detail suggestions with examples will help me. 🙂 🙂
      Yet, I feel I have over committed at work and I should not have.
      Planning every week will definitely help, that is the most difficult task for me. I feel overwhelmed and get extremely stressed just to look back or to plan ahead, which costs me a lot in terms of time. I guess, there is a strong need for me to re-think and re-evaluate my current state of my mind and change my attitude.

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