Micro fiber cloths vs paper towels

Ever since I came to america, I was relieved to use paper towels for anything and everything. Growing up, we have used just cloth based for everything, one thing that was very handy when stepping out was “Handkerchiefs”, cotton clothes were used for all other necessities.  Fast forward to last decade, we use paper tissues for facial, bath room, cleaning kitchen, floor cleaning, spot cleaning, numerous paper towels were used while cooking/cleaning home. I use a lot. Ever since I started looking at reducing trash, minimalism or becoming responsible for our environment, I have been paying attention to the amount of  paper I consume in my day-to-day life and have conscious decision to reduce the usage and replace it with clothes.

So, in an attempt to reduce my current usage to even further, not only have I started using my old cotton clothes, but also ended up ordering color coded micro-fiber clothes to further aid my decision in cleaning and reinforce re-usability and reduce paper waste. The whole process feels like – been there,done that and conscious decision to go back to my roots with the knowledge gained. Back then, there was no option, now there is a choice and I am choosing more environment friendly option.

I am sure, going back to inconveniences is not something fun, but I am trying to reduce, recycle and reuse things. That way, hopefully some day, I will have minimum amount of things to maintain and deal with. Also, I do not foresee forgoing paper usage, instead, I will research and buy compost able paper towels. Any suggestions here?

I am still discovering all the areas where I could use micro fibers for it’s efficiency. Your suggestions are valuable.

Embracing green living continues… stay tuned as I take steps in those directions.


4 thoughts on “Micro fiber cloths vs paper towels

  1. I recently bought these re-usable fabric wipey things. Clorox multi use wipes. Look into those.
    I don’t know how we get obsessed with Bounty paper towels as soon as we move to USA. Trying to cut back. Since they aren’t the cheapest, my kanjoosi helps. Lol.


    • Yeah, bounty the favorite of all the new comers to america.. haha.. . I always have a stock of them, it is just easy to trash versus washing/cleaning and life is much easier isn’t? plus you get the whole stock from costo/Sam’s/Bj’s in bulk and those lasts for ever.
      I am trying to get away from chemicals altogether – yes, extreme step I know, and – I use clorox wipes (not re-usable though) which I am not planning to bring any more chemically aided cleaners into the home.
      Kanjoosi – hahaha…:):) me too in some areas…but the chemical free path- initial costs are super high. The amount I spent on essential oils, butters, cleaning material has far exceeded the regular costs *sob* *sob*


  2. Wow.. I haven’t even considered going back to cloth for regular cleaning. Kitchen paper napkins are the way to go for us. I groan at the thought of washing cloth and reusing it. Not just extra work. I find it sort of icky because it stays mostly damp.

    Sigh. I think I really need to make more conscious choices and care about the environment some more.

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    • Yes, I find it icky too and that is the biggest inconvenience for me. Not that I have completely eliminated paper from kitchen yet, but certainly I hope to minimize the consumption as much as I can. I have ordered a dozen of such towels, hopefully I just pile them up and wash off once a week in the washing machine.


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