Distractions at work..

These days, I seem to be productive if I come in to work during early mornings or late evenings. When I say early – it is between 7 to 8 am or evenings post 5 pm until 8 pm. With the resource crunch, the additional work responsibilities do add up.  So where does my time go in between? Meetings partially, catching up with regular work. But, lately, with some resources gone from my team, their acquaintances come to chat with me. I find it very hard to turn them down. I feel very much obligated to spare few minutes to chat with them.  The longer you are with the firm, the more people you tend to work with and conversations does extend beyond just work.

Not only that, I have been actively participating in organization events on and off, which led me to work with people whom I would never have met. Some more people under my wing to speak with. I mostly prefer short conversations and try to move on, by consciously taking it slow. I am struggling with balancing of my social chatter at work and getting my work done. I tend to sway giving priority to being obligated to speak to random-but-known-people versus getting my work done. Ergo, I end up either coming early or staying late to finish my work. Clearly, this is not an optimal approach for healthy work-life balance.

I am not a people’s person by any means, these acquaintances and some people whom I closely work with on a regular basis takes away lot of my time. I cannot imagine having to find a time slot in meeting any of my work colleagues outside the work with my insane number of to-do activities. The one thing that has helped me is to use the head phones. They are my true savior.  Those indicate I am seriously working on something.

Having said and done, I think, I look for excuses than to get my work done. Clearly, they are excuses and I need to figure a solution for my recently acquired problem– don’t you think so?

So, how do you deal with distractions at work? What measures do you take to prioritize your work and not end up working like me after hours and in weekends? What motivates you to stay focused?


4 thoughts on “Distractions at work..

  1. I understand what you mean there.The pressure to indulge in small talk is just too much at times.
    I politely tell those guys about my upcoming deadline and then once I am done with my job I go to their desk for a quick hi-hello.

    My favorite to put my headphones on and concentrate. I think it is good enough to let people know that I am busy 🙂


  2. Great post and I can relate. Earlier in my career I used print something and say I have to go pick something up off the printer. Start walking away gently and they typically go away without feeling like you are brushing them off.

    These days with the lack of resources but same amount of work I really don’t have time for random chit chat. So I will let them know I have a deliverable and will have to get back to them later. I think people actually respect and understand that you value your priorities.

    I think it’s important to keep your professional connections but there’s a there’s a time and place for everything.


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