One thing at a time

Do you always find yourself multi-tasking? I do and it rarely gave me full results. If you are a computer science major, you would know what round-robin algorithm does (Interested to know more about it – it’s here)? it divides time into slices and gives each task a slice of it. Then it will go from one task to another as the time is up. You would prominently see such behavior when you have slow internet connection and you open 5 browsers with website urls in it, you will see a bar loading in each of the window and wait for few minutes all will be slowly but steadily loaded. Instead if you have just taken one url, then the results would have been faster.

It almost applies to my life. The time is limited, my tasks are always unlimited. I tend to do multiple things at a time and I am drained to no extent. Personally, I want to follow minimalism, zero waste, cook food at home each day, plastic free, make my own beauty or house cleaning products – I want to do too many at the same time and I switch between tasks. Here time slice for me is – few weeks. I never get to finish at the least one thing that I have started. So my bucket is always full without a scope for new one! So as I lead my professional life, the only difference have been there are deadlines and time sensitivity projects which require me to finish projects that I take up. I have to have a closer for sure. But, the stuff I want to learn to progress ahead in my career has taken a back seat. For the same reason of wanting to do too many things and never be able to finish one thing. For instance, I have been postponing  a particular certification that I need to do.. for years, every other week. The feeling has not been good. And this is resulting in “stacking up in my brain” – I could use excel, perhaps that might help me keep the list short, achievable and have the ability to track the progress.

As Albert Einstein rightly said – “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them“, true to the fact,  it is the time for me to make changes. Change the strategies. Isn’t? After all “Change is the only constant thing“,  I want to keep my list short, prioritize and do one task at a time. Doing one task at time not only improves the focus but also results. A friend of friend of mine, took hobbies seriously and gave his 100% to it for 1-2 years depending on the type of hobby and got so good at it and moved onto next. Once you learn your fundamentals right, is there any looking back? if you touch that skill years after – it comes naturally – isn’t?. That to me is amazing.

I will end this note with Robin sharma’s lines that will be so apt for my current situation –

“Stop Managing Your Time.

Start Managing Your Focus.”

How about you dear readers? How do you manage your tasks? What steps have you taken to accomplish what you want at home, at work, in life – where ever applicable?


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