Minimalism & load on my brain ?

I must confess that I have not been actively purging things as much as I wanted to. Laziness in me has taken front seat in everything in life. There are time sensitive and important things that should be taken into account sooner to free off the clutter in my mind. That list gets bigger and bigger occupying my most precious memory in brain that could have been completed with just 30 minutes everyday. But, I choose not to.

You may say, if they are that important you would do it? They are extremely important but I am afraid of going back in my memory lane to discover more faults than looking back fondly on beautiful things and lovely final results. I would go into the cycle of – I wish I could have done this way and numerous wishes that clearly are not possible to go back in time and address them. So, the work piles up and there will be urgency to finish it in jiffy due to lack of time on hand and the same thing repeats again. I will go into cycle of “I wish I had started this work earlier” and on and on.  It happens every single time and I want to break out of this cycle. The determination or importance for important things lack in me. I do not have sense of clarity on what is important, urgent, or that can wait and which cannot. That brings back to the topic of “Minimalism”. I cannot focus on this aspect as my mind is full of clutter, that needed to be done.

I wrote a post about the very similar problem 2.5 years back here and yet, here I am still holding onto it. I am my own obstacle in progressing forward. I know my problem, I know how it can be solved. But, I lack motivation in time and again.  This procrastination and laziness has cost me so much in life and yet no improvements.

Dear readers, how do you go about such situations? If you have been in such situations, what steps have you taken to address this problem?



3 thoughts on “Minimalism & load on my brain ?

  1. I have this problem all the time. I feel your pain. Could I recommend a book Mini Habits by Stephen Guise or his website/blog
    I never actually finished the book (says it all really) but that’s me, you never know it could be the inspiration you’re looking for. Read a few posts from his blog first, he is quite motivational, but like you, my motivation soon wanes.

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    • Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely look into it. I look at robin sharma blog or listen to his audio books in the days where I utterly lack motivation for few days straight. That pumps me up a bit but nothing has been consistent so far. The first step perhaps is to start doing something when ever I feel like cribbing or jotting that as a reason.

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