On that day and after

The other day I woke up early, not because I wanted to but I came down with severe cold and had trouble sleeping, so I woke up early and blogged about having morning routines, that day I had goal in my mind before I went into work. I sat without any disturbances for four and half hours with just a 5 minute tea-break and accomplished what I had set myself for. My joy knew no bounds. Even though, I was extremely exhausted, I felt great for the rest of the day. I wanted to repeat that routine regularly.

That evening, my cold got severe and ended up taking medicine, went to bed early hoping that I repeat that exact routine, the following day. But, my body nor my mind gave in to the idea, I really needed to rest well to improve my immune system. I felt better.

How do one develop healthy morning routine? How do I sleep better? I have troubles having sound sleep every night, even if I am physically and mentally exhausted, sometimes, I cannot sleep well.  I feel, I may have highest energy levels that I need to expel it some where in some form with some goal in mind.  Sound sleep happens only once every few days. I usually have dreams and end up waking not rested enough. The day I sit at home/outdoors and do nothing – is generally a bad night for me.

Today, I woke up early even though I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly, it is less than 4 hours of sleep and I could not fall back to sleep. I had this constant dream of collecting tags back from people (In real, that I have distributed tags to my colleagues yesterday and I am supposed to collect them back in next few days) and it repeated it self so frequently as if my brain had this alarm that gets active every 5 minutes, it just repeated for later part of my sleep cycle. I could not get rid of that dream in my unconscious state and failed to fall back asleep. So, here I am blogging! blogging for my own sanity.

How about you dear readers? do you sleep well naturally? if not, and managed to make changes in life style that helped you sleep better at night, would you please share your experiences?



2 thoughts on “On that day and after

  1. My tips:
    1. Morning workouts, because when you workout in the evenings it leaves you really charged and which causes late sleeping routine
    2. Green Tea before you sleep. It helps in calming down
    3. I normally read and then slowly drift off to sleep
    4. I put my phone AWAY. The constant notifications are too disturbing. In fact I switch off all notifications
    5. I sometimes listen to slow classic rock before sleeping


    • I do not know if that happens. I have workout related activities planned only in the evenings. I have no option there. But points 2-4 is something, I will definitely consider. I need to choose some book which is bit boring. Yesterday, I slept off by going through your blog posts on PHONE – which did not help me sleep quickly.


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