Morning routine

It hasn’t been snowing here yet, it is one of the warmest winter’s ever. It is so warm (it was slightly cold) that I was out late in the night without jacket. They say, if the current temperature on the earth rises to additional 2 more degrees, there will be a mass extinction of human race. And that wants me to relocate to south america Andes which is 6.9Km above the sea level. I feel, those people will definitely survive and continue our human race while most part of the earth shrinks into water.

Not a very good thought to start my day with, isn’t? I digress, so with such over confidence of warm winters, I have been neglecting to protect myself up from sudden changes in temperatures. Which is what happened on one of those warmest winter night. As a consequence, now I suffer from cold and woke up this early morning unable to sleep with one of my nostrils being blocked. Although, I do not feel well rested, it feels like a productive day already for the quietness around and darkness outside. I fixed myself with cup of warm green tea with honey, and it tasted divine for some reason. (Yes, I am not a huge fan of any green teas).

I wish to wake up everyday at this time and enjoy this morning serenity. The calmness and idea of getting things done before noon at work sounds exciting. But, having to travel to work is an hour long journey using public transportation which involves lots of walking. So, considering this in a positive way could be thought as “walking is a wonderful exercise” and I get plenty of it almost everyday of the week. This is the time, where I get to listen to my-not-so-favorite-but-informational audio books or random music from pandora while my brain is pre-occupied by some entirely random things instead of living in the moment. That’s the post for some other time.

What is your morning routine? or evening routine, the time where you feel good and productive?


5 thoughts on “Morning routine

  1. I am relocating to the east coast soon and heard similar things about it very being warm at the moment. Can’t wait though 🙂
    My morning routine is generally – A cup of black coffee, A fruit, nuts and 1 biscuit.. 🙂
    This meal is enough to fuel me for my morning workouts.. and I eat a hearty breakfast after my workouts..

    Also, I play music and check my social media which actually keeps me away from crawling back to bed for extra sleep 🙂


    • Oh wow .. when will be that? and which part of east coast. It is still warm out here and rains occasionally. You will have plenty of opportunities for your running activities irrespective of weather conditions. There are so many people who are passionate about running as much as you are 🙂
      Such a lovely routine you have 🙂


      • Dec End. The flight is booked for Dec end.. so technically another 10 days.
        I am quite looking forward to that and it looks like that you have been to my blog!! Great!

        Thanks for the compliment. I am a creature of routines. I keep changing my routine every once in a while but this one suits me fine 🙂

        I will be in Summit, NJ mostly.


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