Motivation everyday?

Not really sure of my mind set these days. I feel very excited to go to work one day and lack motivation the next. I listen to all these philosophical audios to get perspective on life or read some random parts of some personality development books to get some inspiration to live an excited life and I feel it is too much to take in and end up give up on everything. I switch off my brain completely from “what next” or “what to do in life” or “to focus on that next project at work”  to some high-energetic music or read a light fiction that makes me forget the hardships that life has to offer.

We are what we think, and the more I know about something, I feel I know very little. This feeling of knowing little is bothersome, but it also gives me that inquisitive nature to learn more about something that I think already know everyday. I wonder, if I am in a wrong profession at times? May be? I have heard people saying that “they do not feel like they are working at all, as they love what they do and look forward for it everyday”.I did not get such feeling in anything so far. Do I not have any passion for anything that brings me happiness? I may have enjoyed teaching something new to someone, but I do not have any knack and have to be extra prepared.  Do you think, changing in perspective might help? From “Do what you love” to “Love what you do”? can it happen?

How do you feel inspired everyday?



4 thoughts on “Motivation everyday?

  1. I don’t know anyone who is motivated “everyday.” Try some things out. Get creative. For example, if you think teaching may have been something for you, look for volunteer opportunities. Whatever seems to excite you or make you smile, is something that you should create ways to do more of.

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    • Aah, may be I see only glory side of “being motivated” of such them just like how current social media projection of people lives are – only happy posts are usually posted on facebook, twitter or interviews and so on.

      Yes, I have been doing something or the other stuff that is new to me all the time, but I never really stuck onto anything. All the creative things I try to do including volunteering make me spend money. And I earn through working my daily job which is where I make my living that helps me spend on other activities and that is where I feel less motivated :'(. I tried volunteering a middle school kid, and I realized I am not that of a great I do it in small doses at work, imparting new skills that I acquired to my fellow teammates. But, I do not do as much as I wish, may be you are right, i should explore more of this opportunity to see my luck in it 🙂

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  2. I read a blog post today that was a poem and it completely summed up happiness and how you can’t have ups without downs. It was a really good explanation but I’ve read so many blogs today that I doubt I would be able to find it again, what a shame as I’m sure it would have cheered you up.
    Your comment about facebook and social media only showing the happy side of life made me smile – haha, you can read mine, I’m always complaining on facebook. 😉

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    • uh oh.. so I ended up doing something yesterday which was out of my comfort zone and I am so glad I did. It was a nice exposure to the world full of opportunities.
      Haha… yes, at least people I know only post happy part of their life’s on facebook.. or my brain filters the other parts out of it.

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