Wardrobe rental and facebook

.. no, I am not renting any of my wardrobe. But, this idea lingered in my mind forever. I have thought about it several times, and shared with few of my close knit social group about how each of us buy and get bored so quickly and it would be great to be able to rent it out. Especially, with my Indian clothes. They are so beautiful, expensive and unique that it stands out. If rented among neighborhood, the chances of people choosing the same attire will be high, not a very practical approach and the liability for the damaged expensive clothes were higher.

This wardrobe rental ad that popped up in my facebook suggested ad is the reason behind this post. Whenever, I thought about something, it usually showed up as though it was a miracle. I thought, the facebook uses a caching and cookie reading ability in my browser to see what I am browsing, searching and based upon that it will suggest. After all, facebook is one of the very few top social medias to have more personal information about people across the world. Is that not scary enough, that someone is watching over what you do on the internet?  Recently, facebook phone app did introduce another feature, which is by default turned on is to record your conversations that you have. It is taking the advantage of your phone’s in-built microphone and is passively active in recording what you speak all the time. The recorded conversation is then ran through their algorithm and the ads are aimed to facebook users accordingly. As much as I admire at it’s brilliance, and I am impressed with their creativity of spying on voice chats and come up with a way to advertise the products, I am equally eerie about not having sense of any privacy. Please beware of this, and if you are concerned, then you can turn it off as well. In the future, it would be your smart TV that has inbuilt microphone. As such, all public email services use your text conversations to suggest the ads. Watch out. They are not harmful in anyway, it is good to be aware of what you use.

I digress, this wardrobe rental, have a free trial for 30 days and have various pricing plans to choose from depending on your need. I believe, this might be useful for people who love the variety of clothes for affordable pricing. And most importantly, I feel, there will be no clutter, rather, no accumulation of clothes. Want to know how it works ?.

Please note: I did not use this, I am just marveling at this idea that came into practicality and how it was suggested on my facebook. Also, there might have been services that were there before, but that did not come under my radar, I am not sure if this fits my-not-so-much-fashion-sense-minimalist-life-style.

And I found this news article on bbc about how apps spy on people. Click here to read.

Do you see such ads showing up on your social media sites? And what do you think about wardrobe rental?


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe rental and facebook

  1. I’ve been telling people for ages that phones listen to conversations because like you I’ve seen it time and again on facebook. Ads will come on for things I absolutely know we haven’t googled or looked for on the internet and have merely just had conversations about. I was so convinced that phones were listening that there have been times when I’ve put our phones in a different room, well out of earshot because I am so sick of being spied on. Everyone just looks at me like I’m mad and say that kind of abuse of privacy wouldn’t be allowed. So thank you for backing up my argument, at least I now know its not just me being paranoid.

    This will probably be in vain though as our power obsessed Government here in the UK are in the process of completely invading our privacy under the guise of fighting terrorism via the Investigatory Powers Bill. Use the hashtag #IPBill on twitter to see what it’s all about.

    Yes, the wardrobe rental sounds good. We used to have something similar many years ago, they were called dress agencies back then. You could take your good quality clothing to a dress agency and they would sell the items and you would receive a commission on the clothing they’d sold on your behalf but I guess Ebay and the good old internet probably led to their demise.

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    • Yes yes yes, you are absolutely right. Unfortunately, people around us do not believe it until it becomes popular. I guess, now they are, now that some one is investing their time and effort to show the facts with statistics. No one believed that US government is spying on general public, until snowden came out about it? The apps are using the same information in a less harmful way to market their products that suits us – although facebook claims to use the information to suggest music and movies based on the recorded information – so they claim.. but the truth is different – of course.
      I did read about UK government doing that, but US government does that in the name of same pretext. As much as it creeps me out, I also understand their security concerns. In fact, every time you speak over the phone, they save your transcripts and run through voice recognition software’s to identify the suspects and the topics. That way, they are trying to prevent before it happens.
      Ebay/craigslist did take over- so true.. but it is more of selling, not renting opportunities.

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  2. I understand now I’ve looked at the website ‘wardrobe rental’. I thought you meant renting out your own clothes – perhaps not so good as like you say you don’t know what state you might get them back in. Nice idea though, nothing worse than buying clothes and then deciding you don’t like them, at least this way you can send them back even though you’ve worn them.


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