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It has been slightly over a week that I cooked at home. Have been grabbing lunch at work and dinner’s with friends. With the unexpected expense with home repairs,  eating out everyday indeed has been challenging financially. Just as we try to manage this crisis, the check that we gave last month to a person has decided to deposit at the very crunch time made the whole thing more challenging. Every time, the time came to hang out with my friends makes my heart bleed. Lately, hanging out with friends has been turning out to be very expensive. I am spending the money I do not have. How do I politely decline such going out in such situations? may be I should be honest about our situation and suggest alternatives instead? . It does not help the fact that with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner and holiday season surely brings more expenses.

I digress, enough of my rantings about current financial crisis. It has been 10 days and I was craving for some home made food and specifically a particular summer sour soup that my mother used to make with fresh tamarind that was available during that time. So, I set out to cook some chickpea-tomato curry and soup along with rice.  The food turned out to be delicious, it sure tasted great. Cravings and deprivation does bring some sense of longing to some simple foods isn’t?


Motivation everyday?

Not really sure of my mind set these days. I feel very excited to go to work one day and lack motivation the next. I listen to all these philosophical audios to get perspective on life or read some random parts of some personality development books to get some inspiration to live an excited life and I feel it is too much to take in and end up give up on everything. I switch off my brain completely from “what next” or “what to do in life” or “to focus on that next project at work”  to some high-energetic music or read a light fiction that makes me forget the hardships that life has to offer.

We are what we think, and the more I know about something, I feel I know very little. This feeling of knowing little is bothersome, but it also gives me that inquisitive nature to learn more about something that I think already know everyday. I wonder, if I am in a wrong profession at times? May be? I have heard people saying that “they do not feel like they are working at all, as they love what they do and look forward for it everyday”.I did not get such feeling in anything so far. Do I not have any passion for anything that brings me happiness? I may have enjoyed teaching something new to someone, but I do not have any knack and have to be extra prepared.  Do you think, changing in perspective might help? From “Do what you love” to “Love what you do”? can it happen?

How do you feel inspired everyday?


Wardrobe rental and facebook

.. no, I am not renting any of my wardrobe. But, this idea lingered in my mind forever. I have thought about it several times, and shared with few of my close knit social group about how each of us buy and get bored so quickly and it would be great to be able to rent it out. Especially, with my Indian clothes. They are so beautiful, expensive and unique that it stands out. If rented among neighborhood, the chances of people choosing the same attire will be high, not a very practical approach and the liability for the damaged expensive clothes were higher.

This wardrobe rental ad that popped up in my facebook suggested ad is the reason behind this post. Whenever, I thought about something, it usually showed up as though it was a miracle. I thought, the facebook uses a caching and cookie reading ability in my browser to see what I am browsing, searching and based upon that it will suggest. After all, facebook is one of the very few top social medias to have more personal information about people across the world. Is that not scary enough, that someone is watching over what you do on the internet?  Recently, facebook phone app did introduce another feature, which is by default turned on is to record your conversations that you have. It is taking the advantage of your phone’s in-built microphone and is passively active in recording what you speak all the time. The recorded conversation is then ran through their algorithm and the ads are aimed to facebook users accordingly. As much as I admire at it’s brilliance, and I am impressed with their creativity of spying on voice chats and come up with a way to advertise the products, I am equally eerie about not having sense of any privacy. Please beware of this, and if you are concerned, then you can turn it off as well. In the future, it would be your smart TV that has inbuilt microphone. As such, all public email services use your text conversations to suggest the ads. Watch out. They are not harmful in anyway, it is good to be aware of what you use.

I digress, this wardrobe rental, have a free trial for 30 days and have various pricing plans to choose from depending on your need. I believe, this might be useful for people who love the variety of clothes for affordable pricing. And most importantly, I feel, there will be no clutter, rather, no accumulation of clothes. Want to know how it works ?.

Please note: I did not use this, I am just marveling at this idea that came into practicality and how it was suggested on my facebook. Also, there might have been services that were there before, but that did not come under my radar, I am not sure if this fits my-not-so-much-fashion-sense-minimalist-life-style.

And I found this news article on bbc about how apps spy on people. Click here to read.

Do you see such ads showing up on your social media sites? And what do you think about wardrobe rental?