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Hola Amigos!

It has been a while that I touched this space. I hope all is well with you. Although, I have been actively passive, read most of my favorite blogs and their content, but did not comment on any. Last month was meant to be relaxing post my august challenge. The challenges, that I made to myself in one of my post in august has been successfully executed for 27 days. I diligently cooked every meal everyday with one exception of option to eat out once in an entire week. The blogging everyday has been challenging to keep up with new topics. Most of the times, I was either short on topics or short on time. This is clearly not an excuse and could have handled better using some pre-planning, but over all I feel good about meeting my expectations up to 90%.

The why? I lagged due to the long weekend labor day plans, I had guests pouring in, hosting them, preparing meals for them, taking them out during week days and being out of town the weekend, all of them together made it quite impossible, rather I turned lazy to blog about anything else. It was one happy hectic 10 days.

What I have learned doing the challenge?

It was not easy. It requires commitment and willingness to repeat this routine and make it as part of your lifestyle.

Challenges: Not having a plan of what to cook, drove me crazy almost every other day. The grocery shopping, cleaning, storing, preparing fresh meals in the morning and in the evening, cleaning dishes, blogging was bit ambitious for a person like me who is starting this routine afresh. It was hard to say NO to “going out for lunch” or “Dinner” with friends. That is why, you see, I failed at that 10% of the time, because I had to hang out with my friends once in a while. It was equally exhausting to execute so much considering my after work activities that I tend to actively participate.

Benefits – I felt accomplished for preparing fresh meals, with groceries scored from farmers market. I have drastically reduced using processed food for preparing my meals. My skin got better, discovered varieties of recipes, learned to prepare some quick meals in less than 30 minutes, and shared my recipes with my friends and family, who loved it. I choose non-indian version for most part of my diet. Overall, it also has helped me save few bucks and become health conscious.

Suggestions to self: Sometimes, it is okay to let go and take it easy, plan, write down a week ahead about meals and stick to the schedule. Take help, delegate some tasks. Simple is better. Wanting to do all by myself left  me de-motivated for most part. Going in small steps for a bigger vision is more successful than trying to get aligned all at once.

Last Month 

With the exhaustion from my own challenges, I stayed out of kitchen altogether post-guest departures. I hardly shopped or cooked. I entertained my self for every meal outside. This challenge has totally backfired on me.  Now, I am slowly getting into the groove of preparing my own food at least thrice a week. I have also been to many of my fitness classes in the evenings, and my attempts to learn something new like thisthisthis, this or this is back again. I found myself to have more time and feel relaxed with all the chores out of my way. Yes, no carrying heavy bags of grocery, washing, cutting, cooking, cleaning, thinking, browsing – it felt heavenly to not attempt to do any of those things for a while. An Aaha moment! 🙂

How are you all doing? What have you been upto?

I want to repeat the same challenge again, but with more pre-planning  – who is in with me?