Learning ability?

One thing that I did not anticipate while doing my schooling was – one needs to be a lifelong student to keep progressing. Ever since, I started working, that hard truth of learning new things at every step downed upon me. During the project initiation phase, there was a very steep growth of learning curve and then eventually it would become comfortable, then another project, back to square one, repeats the same process. Currently, I work on multiple short duration projects, and every project in its own right makes me take a step back to initial stage and then build on it until I get to the stage of comfort in providing/suggesting a solution. The learning of business or technical or functional is always there to understand and work on it is sometimes straight forward and at times complex. There are some projects that I get involved in with my choice where I find myself working overtime during weekdays and weekends to supplement my knowledge to better come up with most efficient possible solution.

Learning is fun, interesting and challenging at the same time. The concentration has been declining with too many world-life problems take over my intellect space. I carry the additional burden with me which makes it difficult to move ahead freely. The art of living in present is still a distant dream for me. The whole reason for me to write this came when I have to listen to online course that I have registered to upgrade myself with new skill in my career. The video class was about for an hour and I had such a hard time focusing on it. The only way I was able to grasp something was while taking some notes and a treat of “break-from-work-for -15 minutes” has immensely helped. The revision is required and I need to find real-time examples to deepen my understanding. On the other hand, I have absolutely no problem in watching movies back to back for hours, for that matter, entire day. I know the story and do not get very inclined to watch it again. However, when it comes to educating myself with “important skillful” information, the so called mind wanders and makes focusing the most difficult task.

The problem with online courses is that, there will be no one to monitor, or are forced to do any assignments or projects, you have to be entirely disciplined for your own benefit. I find it hard to concentrate; it takes some amount of grooving into the rhythm to get there.

Dear readers, how do you progress in your existing or any new skill that you take up? What measures do you take to keep yourself updated? And how do you keep the momentum going?


One thought on “Learning ability?

  1. For information that is not interesting enough, I take it in small amounts and try to apply it immediately. Let’s say you have to learn a new programming language. Learn a little bit of syntax and try it out. Try to build something simple with small chunks of learning.

    For info that is difficult to absorb, I do the same think. Take in a small amount, then take a break, think about it, see how I can apply it, use it, then look for problems/errors with my design.

    For a skill that doesn’t come to me naturally, I make very modest goals. When I went from walking to running, running seemed like an impossible thing. I was breathless in seconds and hated it. So I set a goal of running in 1 minute bursts during a 30 minute walk. At first I would do a couple of those bursts. Then gradually built them up to 5 separate 1 min running bursts. Then extended the 1 min duration to 2 minutes each. And so on.

    Making a plan and writing it down really really helps. What do you plan to finish today, this week, next week, this month, etc. You will stick to your plan approximately (if not exactly) but having it on paper helps. Revise the plan as needed as you go along. A plan helps you see the big picture. It’s like a map.

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