After posting  How to be energetic? I really got some great suggestions, which I promptly followed them at work as well as at home. The music indeed is wonder, I never enjoyed plugging head phones into my ears for as long as I remember. Some impressions stay longer than required. I read some where that listening to music produces quite an amount of germs, and I thought that was dirtiest, ergo I avoided as much as possible, and did not share my ear plugs nor borrowed from anyone else. The sad fact is that I use mobile phone and surely, it could be the dirtiest one amongst others.  How do we even clean it? how to sanitize it? These smart phones are addictive.

I digress, the music, it has been really helping me get over with my mundane tasks like cleaning home & dishes, cooking and other chores around. At work, it has been a hit, I took my comfortable head phones and have been listening to music on repeat, so far, I have been doing great with mundane things that are not important but has to be finished sooner than later at work. Music surely is therapeutic. It is, as long as I do not pay attention to lyrics, if I do pay attention, it is very distracting. I can easily tune out the background noise while I focus. The only beneficial factor with headphones at work has been – no-distractions-from-colleagues-chatter. They think I am seriously working on something and do not initiate fun chatter.

Dear readers, do you listen to music? Why do you listen?


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