What motivates us to go to work every day and stay sane?

I have long been searching for this answer. The questions I tried to ask myself – whether I love my job, Love is a such a strong word, I would use “Like” over love, sure I do, for it gives me freedom to explore many other options and exposes me to interesting people, competitive enough to get ahead if I were to move onto something else, over all, the firm that I work for believes in a mission that I feel connected. But, there are days, where I find myself de-motivated, un- interested and I find myself killing time doing nothing and want to get back home as soon as I can and my restlessness continues through day with the thought “I did not accomplish much at work, ergo, not much progress at home too” and there are days where I am super productive at work, at home and at other works resulting in a good night sleep.

Today, is such a day of de-motivation, you may call it Monday Blues,  I came across this page  in google search while browsing for a quick solution to motivate myself instantly.  I will summarize the whole article in few points here.

  1. The feeling that you are making some progress at work and in life. The idea is to break down the bigger goal and try and achieve it (And this idea is exactly same as to what I have been trying to implement for the longest time possible, was able to do some times, but forego most of the times). Apparently, this is one of the reasons to feel motivated as well.
  2. 3 Factors that lead to better performance and personal satisfaction – Autonomy (our desire to direct our own lives), Mastery (our urge to get better at stuff), Purpose (The feeling and intention that we can make a difference in the world).
  3. Exercise & eating healthy – any kind of physical exercise everyday will produce mood-enhancing chemicals and endorphin’s that elevate your mood by lowering the stress. Of course, healthy food always makes you feel good.
  4. Reflecting on your thoughts and tracking down the progress you make each day.
  5. Most importantly, developing the art of positive thinking. Most of the times, the energy is drained by thinking negatively about something or someone. It is just easier and healthier for our brains and bodies to be positive.

The problem of implementing these steps and sticking to it until it becomes a habit is a challenging task. However, there is no harm in getting started and having a goal to do it is far better than being stuck and lacking direction. After all, the first step is very important to begin the journey.

So, dear readers what motivates you to what you do every day? I would be interested in knowing as to how you keep yourself going out and about life, work and all other areas despite hardships? How do you deal with mundane work over and over, be it professionally or personally?


3 thoughts on “What motivates us to go to work every day and stay sane?

  1. I agree with most of those points esp exercising. It has changed the way I look at my work now. I can seriously say that I am certainly better now. I am a half marathoner who is always training for something or the other and it has instilled so much of calm in me..

    Also, another thing that I would like to add is developing a hobby or pursuing a passion – It keeps you balanced at work and you certainly don’t bring your work home because there are other things!


    • That is amazing that you are an half marathoner and I read few posts of yours. You have all the determination to stick to the running everyday. Your log of 100+ miles was just amazing in a month. And I enjoyed browsing through your kitchen blog and learned about your coffee addiction. Certainly, interesting blog.
      I digress,
      I have plenty of hobbies but never stuck to any. That makes me hard to focus as well. Too many on the platter. I tried running once, but with in a week or so, my interest died. My knees started hurting and not sure what wrong have I been doing? I got myself good sneakers, perhaps my way of running is probably bad. Not sure, so I took a break to rest and never managed to get back.

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  2. It is not difficult. I think it is because of the barriers that we build mentally.
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I am addicted to coffee (Gulty!!)
    I tried 2-3 food blogs and didn’t stick to any. I am planning to start writing again on this one:

    Btw, we are in the same boat. My hobbies keep changing and probably thats just a way to find myself 🙂
    Running shouldn’t be difficult- try running a little every day and dont put any goals in the beginning. Run when you feel like and walk when you are not able to. Stretch after your run and you will be just fine. I promise!

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