Baby steps – minimalist wardrobe

If you were my regular blog reader, you probably know, how I have been suffering from excess-ism and also trying to be minimalist in many areas. The shopping freeze that I have and with numerous clothes that were accumulated over past few years, despite getting rid as much as possible, giving away, I find myself with lot more clothes that were hard to part with leaving me with congested closet. I came across this un-fancy blog few months back and loved the idea of having only seasonal clothes available in the closet and been trying to implement since then.

The procrastinator in me, delayed it for longest time possible. Travelling and staying out of my home for a day or two gives me a much needed break to formulate some of my pending, long-wished plans to solidify. So, as soon as I came back home this evening, I marched straight into my closet with “under-the-bed-box” bags that I purchased couple of weeks ago. Got all my fall & winter clothes including night-dresses from closet and packed them and kept them out of sight. That still leaves me with lot of clothes, but it looks way more manageable than it was before. I love it, my idea is, when fall begins, I would slowly be swapping my summer clothes to fall, then fall to winter and that way, I keep track of one-in-one-into-box or into good will bag. I hope this makes me feel a lot better when I look at clothes in my closet.

Have you ever done something like this? Switching to seasonal clothes on need basis?


2 thoughts on “Baby steps – minimalist wardrobe

  1. I’ve been doing something similar over the last year. I put all the woolens into a suitcase in the beginning of summer and roll it away. Once fall begins, I’ll probably do the same with the shorts and summer skirts. I did it because I was running out of space! 😊

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