Some useful mobile apps

  1. Audible: Have you heard of this “audible”? an app that provides access to audio books. It is subscription based and you accrue points or you buy points to purchase audio books. I have used it and love it, specially with commute being the longer, it aids me in catching up with some interesting books. My only problem has been focus, I get lost with my own thoughts, so I keep going back to the last “payed attention” point.
  2. Amazon Kindle –  my most frequently visited app, I have bunch of free books, yes, you can get some really good free books. I use it during my commute, when waiting for anyone, or in general if I am idle else where.
  3. Pandora – world wide music, you can practically listen to any sort of music of your choice.
  4. Saavn – Of all the online apps I explored,  this is by one of the best so far for the kind of indian music it provides. Let me know if you have any other suggestions.
  5. Yelp – you should definitely download this, it gives you information about every possible restaurant, ratings that will help you check out interesting restaurants.
  6. Uber/Lyft – great cab service based apps, I particularly find it to be useful in new york city. I use it a lot and highly recommend if you need services. I have tried “Ola” cabs service in india – it was simply great and cheaper, reliable than other standard cab services.
  7. Feedly – a place to find all articles, news and you can get information on any field of interest.

There are many other apps that I use on need basis, but the one above are the most frequently used and useful apps. Since I use android phone, google maps is default and it really really comes handy. As much as I appreciate these smart phones that make me look smarter, but I feel, I am so dependent on it, that it makes me feel handicapped if I do not have it.

Dear readers, what are your favorite apps that you use frequently?


2 thoughts on “Some useful mobile apps

  1. WordPress! Haha. I do all my blogging and reading through gmail drafts and WordPress app, specially at work.
    I use Mint very frequently to keep my expenses on track. Then, of course all my social media apps are very highly used. I use Waze, a traffic app, a lot! It’s one of the best and guides me through lanes if there is traffic where I am going.


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