How to be energetic?

In the past week or two, I trapped in the cycle of – wakeup-cook-clean-pack lunch-go to work- leave work <<optional – after work activities>>-come home-cook- clean-eat-watch tv-sleep and the cycle repeats except for weekend which is just wakeup-cook-eat-clean-sleep and i also feel very exhausted most of the time. If I have guests, i will be so tired and out of sleep too, stressing out on -planning activities or about grocery shopping/preparing food.

How can some one be very energetic and live life fully?

From the time I get back home, suddenly, I feel exhausted, hungry and would grab just about any thing. Well, you know what happens when you over eat anything, and I feel so lethargic after that and just sit in a couch watching TV for the rest of the evening (which is very bad and also very addictive to let go). Apart from that, the recent blood tests, it shows that I have vitamin D deficiency, do you think that is a problem? Not sure. Also, It does not help with the fact that my home some how get’s messy almost quickly, so hard to keep up with the maintenance. As soon as I step into the home, the mess around brings my energy levels down, how could I just not keep things in place?

How you keep your self energetic through out the day? what motivates you to be active, cheerful and lively? Is it food? or is it the attitude? what is your take on it?


8 thoughts on “How to be energetic?

  1. I had the same problem. Was wondering why I was tired all the time. Turns out I was severely anemic and had vit D deficiency too. I took supplements for a few months and it’s definitely made a big difference. So maybe do a blood test and check that everything is fine?
    Another idea is to play some music, if you like music. I like to put on my favorite songs and dance around while making dinner 🙂

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  2. When you find out how to be active, cheerful and lively let me know, I could do with some of that too. 🙂 For me a lot depends on the weather. If you’re enjoying the weather it seems to lift the spirits, and makes you feel like doing things.


    • Haha..will surely write a post when I come to know the secret 🙂
      Some days, I am all that active, cheerful and lively – that is when I feel really good about myself. Or that I am looking forward for something, or if some one I am very fond of visiting me that day/week. But, it is not what it is most of the days isn’t?
      I love summers, I am mostly happy for that is longer days and bright sunshine. Also, I tend to see that I have to feel productive in order to be happy. Productive could be some or other kind of progress at personal, professional or any other activities that I take up.
      Just writing to you is making me reflect on “what makes me cheerful”.. haha.. sometimes this helps. I just need to make this as a process for most part of life, may be this can be applied to your life too?


  3. 2 things that work for me:
    – Outsourcing some tasks – I get help for house cleaning (monthly), gardening (bi-weekly). I used to do those myself. Now I feel, with the extra help, I use my time better. I also have a sitter for my younger one, a young, energetic sophomore who loves to play basketball, board games and do art projects with him. You could also consider getting a weekly home helper. My friend has one. She has her do all of the week’s laundry, organize house, cut all veggies for the week, and some grocery shopping, etc.
    – Have something you really enjoy planned for the end of the day. Maybe an after dinner walk while you observe the sunset or the stars. Or a good book to read in the evenings. Something really engrossing.

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    • It is a small little cozy home and it should technically be manageable, for one, I have no kids playing around or creating a mess. You have suggested excellent points here in terms of freeing up time by delegating and doing what I like. I guess, I have no goals or know exactly what I really like to do yet. I enjoy walking and reading books but not on daily basis. I am trying to find the rhythm that makes me feel that I accomplished something today.


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