Raw vegan food diet????

Before you make assumptions of any sort – I do not eat raw food all the time, but some times. It definitely makes me feel lighter, more energetic, and it’s summer here, so much of fresh produce straight from farmers market will make you want to use those beautiful, colorful veggies.

Many of my friends and family have always told me that I need to eat meat to get protein, If not meat, it has to be tofu. I have never enjoyed any of them. Instead, I had lentils to get share of my protein and I would put that point across.  Technically tofu is made out of soy beans – not my favorite way of processing, so out of scope. Yesterday, while looking up for zuccini recipes, I came across this wonderful raw vegan videos and I almost fell in love with the idea for the great recipes that kristina shares, and she has been following raw vegan diet for 10 years. I went onto wonder, how does one get share of protein if one goes completely raw?  right?

But, here is the truth that I learned from another source, the food when consumed in natural state is not only easily digestible but also has enough protein in it that is sufficient for our human body. The moment we cook our food, we lose that protein % and have to consume more to get more nutrition. It made me ponder, as to what are we really doing to our bodies? I was just speaking to my uncle yesterday, he says back in those days, they were vegetarians for 6 days and would eat meet on every 7th day as one time meal (he also mentioned that his mother never visited hospital for her entire life other than to deliver her kids of course). That is apparently more than enough.

Ever since, I got interested in healthy organic food and produce, it kind of coming down to eating food close to its natural state (no meat please – it takes about 48 hours to digest, so much work by our body to break it up) and if that is grown out of pesticide, even better. This makes me more motivated to grow atleast some veggies/greens in our back yard. If I could, at least include one meal for dinner, the raw vegan food, I think, that would be great. I can’t wait to follow this.

I am not in favor nor against eating meat, it is up to ones personal choices and of course convenience. But, it is definitely worth to include more veggies into the diet.

What about you folks? how do you go about ensuring you are taking care of your health through food?


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