Being committed

Beginning of this month, I took upon a challenge of 3 things, of which, I have failed every single day on challenge #2, but #1 and #3 are still rolling with some exceptions.  I wanted to start small and slowly change my lifestyle. They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit or let go of an old habit, do you think that’s true? it only happens if you are a strong willed person.  It is such a challenge even to commit for 21 days, I thought about skipping daily post almost every other day. Having topics is one things, and wanting to write about it is another thing. Writing requires dedicated and uninterrupted time, flow, a structure, a beginning and an ending. I wanted my posts to be humorous, but it is so hard to bring humor into writing.

The grammatical errors of where to use “the, this, that, a, an, and, but” or  “where to put period” or ” comma” is out of my writing style. I am amused and amazed at few bloggers who write so well and the way they write it makes me go awe. I wish, I could turn those mundane activities into an interesting story. English Grammar was the most boring subject to learn for me.  is it not? how about you folks? So, more power to reading good books.

I love to hear when some one conveys a story in an animated and bit interactive way, and get bored if it sounds like too much of an unnecessary detail in it and doesn’t reach the point very soon and makes me want to give up on the topic easily. I think, i fall under the second category on certain topics and bore people to death.  Oh well, as long as one identifies where one lacks, it is easy to correct.

Challenge #3 – preparing home made fresh meals was bit challenging but turned out to be a stress buster for most part of it. Having a companion who appreciates your effort is certainly a good motivating factor to prepare meals everyday. I have been making fresh meals twice a day including weekends, one for lunch and the other for dinner. In the last two weeks, only two days were exception.  This requires lot of effort, for one – I source most of my groceries from farmers market and whole foods, not having car, means carrying them home and walking about a mile with those things has definitely improved my muscle strength.

Due to this challenge, I discovered plenty of interesting salads to make – something like I posted here, broccoli salad, or cabbage jamaican salad or raw cabbage cucumber tomato salad, quick and easy baked falafal burger ,  this quinoa salad that I did last year & variety of quinoa salads created by me, and sometimes my regular dose of indian foods. Also, explored plenty of salad dressings, the more you do something, the more easy it comes to you. Being part of CSA farm share gives you no option to have veggies that are not familiar and forces you to use them up. I failed at some recipes, and got acquainted with many options. It also taught me to purchase food in limited quantity and use them up all without wastage. Helps me regularly, to contribute to my composting. Yes, I have been very diligent and none of my food wastage ever goes to dumps.

Challeng #2 – I am trying and feel getting better at sleeping on time part. Developing a habit of reading book definitely makes me fall asleep. So by the end of september, I hope to have this habit in place.

How about you? are you committed to your goals or slack off/ postpone them (I postpone many of my goals from time to time)? How do you set goals and follow through? what motivates you to keep going?


2 thoughts on “Being committed

  1. I had just one mini goal to start with, get ready for bed at 9.45PM. Huh, twice this week I’ve climbed into bed at 12.45am. I really have no willpower on this going to bed early at all. I think your writing is really good and you’ve written on many varied topics, very hard to come up with something different every day.

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