Work Life balance

The place where I work is known for great work-life balance, but I seem to struggle with it lately. As you have been seeing my basic challenges from sleeping on time to waking up early, de-cluttering, organizing the home, trying to lead a minimalist life style, home made meals from fresh veggies, and also am very active with other extra-curricular activities that leaves me almost not much time. The current commute does not let me read any books, it is so much of walking every where and I kind of count that as an exercise. I certainly do not enjoy audio books or music as I tend to sway a lot with some or the other thoughts.

The simple decision of preparing meals, buying veggies sometimes stresses me out. At times, I do with all the passion and interest, when work related stress goes up, the simple things seems like a huge mountain. They just add up. Like cleaning the home, dishes, organization, buying groceries, laundry, impromptu travelling needs, meeting friends, calling back people, yard work and the list goes on.. How do you manage it all? And people with kids / special needs/ aging parents – how do you do it all? I feel exhausted and tired without much responsibilities for other lives yet?

But, I definitely am on the better side, on a positive note – I get to hang out with my friends whenever I want, I can simply go off to places on spur of a moment, I have work from home option which lets me travel and spend time with friends or family, eat outside every meal every day, I can choose not to do dishes, clean home, organize or de-clutter or cooking. But, I really want to do it all. The transition is harder.  I just need to become efficient at it.

The thing that bothers me by looking at my colleagues is – I see them struggle, sleep deprived, not able to concentrate, these women who were known for efficient, after managing home with 2 kids are so tired, and they crave for a break. On the other hand, I see men with two kids are absolutely fine, they work more too, their efficiency does not go down and many are in better positions and definitely make more than women. Now, it only makes me wonder if it is the women who take all the responsibility at home and men have it all easy ??  why? why isn’t there an equal contribution?  I am not sure now, if there is something called work-life-balance exists in the first place. Or the worst, I do not know how to balance it??

They say – if you enjoy what you do, there is no question of work-life-balance. is it not? my point is – just because i love something so much, is the life worth living stressing oneself out? where do you draw the line?


5 thoughts on “Work Life balance

  1. As a working mum what I can say is that there are always trade offs. There is never enough time in the day to do everything, there is never enough time in the week to do everything, and really there isn’t enough time in the weekend to catch up either.

    My advice is to give yourself a break. Make the best choices where you can and allow the gaps to be filled where needed. E.g. I have to take a plate to share with my sports team once a week. Now some of my friends have more time or more interest in cooking than I do. So good for them. However I’ve set the expectation that I have two kids under 6, and work close to full time, so I’ll be getting help, e.g. supermarket where I can. Then when I do produce a meal from scratch, like I did last night, they’re suitably impressed. It’s a win-win.

    Another example, is we have been trying to visit the local market each weekend to buy our produce. We did really well for the a couple of months, but for the last three weeks it just hasn’t happened due to sport, family and other commitments, not to mention it’s just too cold here!. So, I have to accept that that is why there is a supermarket, and that’s exactly what I need right now!

    We have to give ourselves a break from perfection and go from there.

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  2. I think it depends on what we want more. If we want spontaneity, and if planning/scheduling too much makes us stressed, then we do what we can in the day, that is get the essentials done and the rest may or may not happen. If we have multiple goals and want to achieve all of them, then having a comprehensive plan and following through on it becomes necessary. There is no right or wrong way here. Some people do the former, don’t plan too much, are not very disciplined, get the essentials done, and are happy with their mode of functioning. For some people, not finishing everything on their list bothers them, so discipline becomes a necessity, and over time, second nature. It really depends on what makes you happy.

    I know …. what you are saying is you are feeling torn between the two approaches 🙂 I’m sure many people do. With me, I operate in Mode A about 80 – 90% of the time, but the remaining 10 – 20 % of the time, I let things go, just go with the flow , that is, switch to Mode B – especially when I get too intense and get closer to being exhausted. Some people operate in Mode A during weekdays and Mode B on weekends.

    Maybe you can try picking one or two days in the week when you have a strict schedule and stick to it and accomplish most things on your list, and let the other days go with the flow. See how it goes and see if you want to increase those structured days or not.

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    • Probably, I should try and do that.
      I was so stressed out yesterday took everything, ended up taking it easy at work as well as at home.. took take away food, just chilled out with a friend and did nothing. It was relaxing.

      Discipline is something, I am trying to include in my lifestyle, and I fail at it from time to time. I have way too many things on my list to do but never be able to focus 100% on any of them. I switch between mode A and B pretty randomly, depending on convenience. I need to mend my ways in little ways for optimal outcome.
      Thank you Priya for sharing your thoughts.


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