Santa Monica

Last month, I happened be in LA and I ended up visiting Santa Monica downtown and a beach. It was extremely hot and crowded. The street Promenade was lively, it had various artists playing music, singing songs, dancing, along side the restaurants and stores. It was fun just being there, observing in, appreciating the pacific breeze.

Few interesting things that I found on the very beautiful and lively promenade street..

Global Tap – I wish they are every where. This is such a efficient design, a tap to fill water bottle, to bend and drink, for dogs at the bottom. I fell in love with this model.

Global Tap

Global Tap

A teenage singer with his electric guitar – it was so beautiful and pleasant to hear. I spent some time just listening to his songs. With my poor knowledge in music, I could not judge if that was his own song/lyrics perhaps?

Singer + Guitarist

Singer + Guitarist

Another wonderful man with so much of excitement in his eyes, playing some instrument – sounded like violin, but I don’t think that is ? can some one tell me what it is? – He was adorable and gave me that beautiful smile and look for me while clicking the picture.

FlutistThe crowd surrounded to watch some dance..

CrowdAs you walk towards the end of the street, you will see the beautiful, over crowded board walk and beach. Heard, Bubba Shrimp is a great place to eat. Being a vegetarian, I passed up the opportunity. But, we randomly went into some Mediterranean restaurant on promenade street and the food was delicious.

Sorry, no pictures of the beach.

Have you been santa monica downtown/beach? If you happen to be in LA and if you have time, do visit the place. Its beautiful 🙂


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