Water in America

I walk into cafeteria at work to make my mid-day lemon ice tea with honey, and i see this guy with the water tap on while he was slowly scrubbing his lunch box, washing at a speed that I finished making my tea and he was still washing his mid-size glass container. He stepped aside to grab a paper tissue to wipe the water on the glassware, while the water still going full on. My heart breaks at such sights and I immediately stepped forward to turn off the water. I just hoped that he got my message. I have seen several instances at work,outside, or at some friends home and wonder, does these people know how much of resources and chemical processing is required to recycle the water. If i know the person, I will try to bring it up in a gentle manner.

Should not these people in this country be glad to have running water all the time? I guess, they do not appreciate this as a luxury and take it for granted. I grew up with water problem, there were days we would not get water for quite a few days and used it modestly to survive. We even walked a mile or two get some water for drinking and cleaning purposes. Saved and filtered rain water for washing clothes, cleaning dishes, washing floors, sometimes we would drink by boiling and filtering them.  I would optimally use two medium size buckets of water to wash the dishes, As we never used any chemicals back then, it was the ash of wood, and scrub made out of coconut jute, it was organic. The washed dirty water was used to water the plants.  We would also store water in house tanks and pots. Water has always been precious. I cannot enjoy taking really long showers on a regular basis. I am afraid of using up of water.

California faces the drought and I am impressed that they still  manage to get the running water. The strict rules out there are probably forcing people to use water consciously. I get really upset seeing people taking water for granted and wasting as if it is not a big deal. I wish they impart some knowledge about water in schools.

How are you with water? how do you go about saving water?


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